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Understanding the Art of Paste Montage, Collages and Mosaics – Types of cultural artworks are very compound such as music art, fine art, sticky art and so on. Most people may be more familiar with fine art with various forms and types. But actually there are still types of sticky art that are no less interesting to learn. This type of art forms a work of art from the material around us. Paste art can be divided into 3 namely the art of paste montages, collages and mosaics. Katiga this type of paste art is out of sync with each other, from understanding to how it is made.

This artwork can be categorized into a re-cycle medium. This is because the materials used can be obtained around us. What is the paste art of montage, collage & mosaic? On this occasion I will explain about the meaning of montage paste art, the understanding of collage paste art & the understanding of mosaic paste art. For more details you can see below.

In general, sticky art can be divided into three kinds, namely montage paste art, collages & mosaics. Previously I will reveal about the meaning of montage paste art first. After that the understanding of collage paste art and finally the meaning of mosaic paste art. Here’s the full explanation.

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The definition of montage paste art is a work of art that comes according to the finished image that is assembled into one as a result of creating a mixing of elements from various sources. In ancient times, montage works only had 2-dimensional art. But now the art of montage has developed and produced three-dimensional artwork. Montage works are indeed less well known among the people because of their work that is almost the same as sculpture, painting and craft art. Even this work is considered to be one type according to the work of the work earlier. Montage Paste Art Example

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Based on the understanding of montage paste art above, we can conclude that the montage artwork is based on the composition of one image using the other. For example, a picture of a place of residence found in a magazine. The image is cut & pasted on the surface base of the other image. Then based on it will form the output of new artwork. The results of montage artwork are often claimed to be painting works because the material comes from images that have been finished and then combined using other images. There are also several functions of the montage paste art, namely:Used for decorations that are original according to everyday objects (simple function).To develop creativity, thinking power, aesthetics, emotions and absorption of our brain (educational function).As a medium of expression use various types of textures and materials (expression functions).To reduce the psychological burden use pouring new emotions and views on the form of artwork (psychological function).To provide employment using the capital of creativity (social function).Collage Paste Art

The meaning of collage paste art is an artistic work of art that comes based on a lot of materials such as wood, paper, glass, metal, fabric, and so on. This artwork is formed by attaching some materials to the top of the image. This Collage Art does combine basic materials that can be assembled into beautiful and delicious art to see. Collage artwork does not show the use of the material, so based on it has an antagonistic nature using print art, painting or sculpture. Sample Collage Paste Art

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Based on the understanding of the art of paste collages above we can conclude that the results of his work are originally according to some materials that are not in harmony. Therefore, the color obtained is also from the original hue of the material earlier. When in painting, the colors used use colorful watercolors. So in the art of collage, the colors used use the original color based on the material used. Although the material just now is the result of assembly but the art of permanent collage shows an easily recognizable form of the image. Collage art can take the form of two-dimensional art as well as three-dimensional art.

In addition to the understanding of collage paste art, there are also elements of fine elements contained in the art. Here are some elements of the appearance in the collage, namely:Spots & dotsLineFieldColorMosaic Paste Art

Understanding mosaic paste art means artwork in the form of field decoration using pieces of colored paper material and others. The material of the material was arranged and pasted using adhesives to build certain artworks. This artwork can use pieces such as glass rebates, leaf rebates, ceramic fragments, pieces of wood and paper rebates. The line on the work is created according to the hue of the pieces of material used as a result of not using any dye. Mosaic art is often claimed to be a 2-dimensional art because its manufacture still uses image patterns and its properties are almost the same even though the materials used are originally according to grains, broken glass, paper and so on. Mosaic Paste Art Example

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Based on the understanding of mosaic paste art, we can conclude that the output of the artwork is based on several materials whose shape is pieces. Before making it, an idea is needed first so that you can choose the material to be used. This artwork serves to increase creativity in combining several kinds of materials as a work of art.

So many explanations about the meaning of montage paste art, the understanding of collage paste art and the understanding of mosaic paste art. Although the same type of paste art but montage, collage and mosaic have a disparity with each other, namely the way they are made and the materials used. I hope this article can be useful. Thanks.

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