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SeputarIlmu.Com – Without art in this world, life is colorless in the life that exists on earth. Speaking of the word art, here will be a complete review of art. Therefore, let’s look at the reviews below.

The word art from based on sanskrit is art which is worship, offerings & ministry that closely uses a religious ceremony that is considered art. According to Padmapusphita art originated according to the Dutch genie in Latin which is called genius which is an extraordinary ability brought from birth. Whereas based on European Science that art comes according to the word art which is artivisual, a medium that performs an exclusive activity.

Art means everything created by humans that contains an element of beauty and is able to arouse a feeling of othersThe knowledge of art according to experts

Aristotle suggested that art is a clone of nature, but its nature must be ideal or complete.

According to Alexander Baum Garton stated that Art is any form of beauty that has a positive purpose to produce art connoisseurs feel happy.

According to Immanuel Kant stated that art means a form whose appearance and expression never deviate according to a phenomenon & art is imitating nature.

According to Leo Tolstoy, art is a virtual because the formula cannot define a phenomenon.

Plato and Rousseau stated that Art is a result according to the imitation of nature in many ways.

According to Erik Ariyanto Art is a spiritual activity that is reflected into a form of work, which can arouse a feeling of happiness and happiness of others who see it also hear it.

According to Ahdian Karta Miharja stated that Art means any form of spiritual activity that reflects a phenomenon in a work, where its form and content have the power to evoke an exclusive beauty in the soul of the connoisseur.

8. Dra. Nuning Y. Damayanti, Dipl.Art

According to Dra. Nuning Y. Damayanti, Dipl.Art stated that art was originally a process according to the human self, which so that art is a synonym of science. Art can be observed through the essence of self-actualization according to a lot of human creativity.

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According to Drs. Popo Iskandar stated that Art means a result of the expression of one’s emotions that want to be conveyed to others, done with a deliberate & enlightenment of community life.

According to Chatrin Muler stated that Art means something related to a person’s copyrighted work produced according to an element of taste.

According to Ki Hajar Dewantara stated that art is an output according to beauty that can move a person’s feelings about beauty for those who see it. Therefore, human actions can be treated in cultivating a beautiful feeling that is art.

According to Sartono Kartodirdjo Art means a coherent system, because it can run a communication effectively, that is, through its part alone can tell universally. Concept Art

At first the art media was used by people to express an aesthetic and admiration for the surrounding nature. In ancient times, humans tried to express their sense of beauty by imitating the environment. In an effort to imitate the human environment can sometimes imitate it almost perfectly. For example, cave frescoes obtained by early humans have a special beauty value.

In traditional citizens, the concept of art is related to using a universal cultural element such as religion. In traditional community religious ceremonies, types of arts, such as dances, music, singing, and art objects in the form of masks are used as a sense of tool for religious ceremonies to add to the sacred atmosphere. Furthermore, in anthropology developed a study on the relationship of art with religion. One of the anthropological conceptions of art was Franz Boas’s primitive art in 1927. According to Boas, art is closely related using elements of religion, ideology, politics, relationships, and education. Therefore, there is no disparity between the quality of art between the people of the west and the east. however, the level of art media technology varies from citizen to citizen. For example, art that has been displayed in visual form.

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Furthermore, people began to apply self-actualization of art using forming geometric & decorative lines and circles accordingly using appreciation of art & artist quality. Efforts to place new artworks that do not imitate the environment were carried out by the residents of the Asmat tribe in Irian Jaya who formed mbis, which are statues depicting people arranged vertically describing the ancestors. Kinds of Art

Fine art is an error of one branch of art where it has a definite form and utilizes the elements of the likeness that are classified into a form of drawing, painting, sculpture, graphics, handicrafts, crafts, and multimedia. Fine arts include the ability to understand, and paint, the ability to know & create sculptures, the ability to understand & work graphics, the ability to understand and make handicrafts, and the ability to understand and work or make mulltimedia rides.

Fine art has existed since the beginning of the age of animism and dynamism today. Performing art presents a visible form that is considered synergistically through the media as the basis in the realization of the likeness.

Theater art basically includes an ability to know & work theater, the ability to understand and make scripts, the ability to know plays a role in the field of casting the ability to know and create a setting or a neat technique of performing platforms and the creation of the atmosphere into an additional tool in charge of a theater art.

The art of theater is a part based on the integral of media art expressing sound in the form of acting. This way or technique prioritizes the creation of a casting, carrying, diction, intonation, arrangement, larynx, and pharynx consistently is an important part of the incarnation of a profession that must be owned.

The sound element is an error of one major element according to the art of music. While other elements are a form of harmony, melody, and musical notation is a form of taught means. The art of music grew and developed since the Renaissance until now. The art of music is an output of human creation that makes a rhythmic sound and harmony for the listener.

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The art of dance is an output of human creation that uses a gesture as a beauty. Motion in dance has a function as a medium of communicating the exclusive intentions of the koreogragfer. The beauty of this dance lies in happiness, satisfaction, be it from choreographers, props and connoisseurs or spectators. The art of dance is divided as traditional dance and directed dance.

Literary art is a result of human creation that is in the visual aspect and according to its meaning. Literary art describes a beauty in the form of terms, whether written or voiced. Examples of literary arts are poetry, pen strokes, and calligraphy. Branches – Art Branches

Along with the development of the times, needs, and understanding of man, art is also growing. This was followed by the birth of new arts in the people. Oswald Kulpe divided the branches of art as:

Audio art is an art that can be enjoyed through the senses of the ear, in its development audio art or auditory art is divided into three parts, namely the following:Music Art: The art of music is an art that can be enjoyed through tones, for example fragmental music based on a single sense such as piano and violin, or instrumental music based on dough based on several musical senses as in orchestral performances.Literary Art: Satra art is an art that can be enjoyed through the beauty of words and language, for example in poetry readings or drama performances.Sound Art: Sound art is art that can be enjoyed through tones and terms, for example in song works, musicization of poetry, or tembang.

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