Understanding ART is: Understanding What Art Is and Its Types

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Art is an integral part of human life, both ancient and present. But what exactly is the meaning of art itself?

In this article I will discuss topics around art, including:Explanation of what art is, both generic notions also according to experts.All kinds of artThe function of art in human life.

If you are interested in using art, then you should read this article to the end. Understanding Art is

Etymologically, the word art of origin according to Sanskrit, namely Sani which is worship, offerings, and service. In other words, art is very closely related to using religious ceremonies that are claimed to also use “art”.

In general, the notion of art is an expression of human feelings that have an element of beauty in it and are expressed through a medium that is real, be it in the form of tone, likeness, mobility, and verse, and can be felt by the five human senses.

There are also those who argue that the understanding of art is all things created by the human being that contains elements of beauty and can hypnotize the feelings of others.

In essence, art is the result of a person’s inner activism expressed in the form of works that can affect human feelings. Understanding Art According to Experts

To better know what art means, then we can refer in the opinions of some experts regarding the definition of art. Here is the understanding of art from experts: 1. Aristotle

According to Aristotle, the notion of art is a form of expression and appearance that never deviates according to phenomena, and art imitates nature. Plato

According to Plato, the understanding of art is the result of imitation of nature and all its contents (ars imitator naturam). Herbert Read

According to Herbert Read, the notion of art is self-actualization according to the pouring output of observations and experiences associated with feelings, physical and psychological activities into the form of works. Thomas Munro

According to Thomas Munor, the definition of art is a sense of human prosthesis to cause psychological influences on other humans who see it. Leo Tolstoy

According to Leo Tolstoy, the notion of art is an expression of the creator’s feelings that are then expressed in others using the hope that they can taste what is felt by the creator. Sudarmaji

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According to Sudarmaji, the notion of art is an inner manifestation and aesthetic experience of human beings using the media of lines, fields, hues, textures, volumes, & dark clearly. Ki Hajar Dewantara

According to Ki Hajar Dewantara, the meaning of art is an aesthetic result as a result of hypnotizing the feelings of a person who sees it, and art is a human act that can affect and cause beautiful feelings. Alexander Baum Garton

According to Alexander Baum Garton, the understanding of art is a beauty and a positive purpose resulting in connoisseurs feeling at happiness. Drs. Popo Iskandar

According to Popo Iskandar, the understanding of art is the output of emotional expressions that one wants to convey to others at the enlightenment of community life / groups. Immanuel Kant

According to Immanuel Kant, the definition of art is a dream because formulas cannot express reality. Hilary Bel

According to Hilary Bel, the meaning of art is a word used for all works that can arouse the heart to find out who the creator is. Eric Ariyanto

According to Eric Ariyanto, the notion of art is a spiritual or mental activity that is reflected in the form of works and can arouse the feelings of a person who sees or hears it. Indonesian Encyclopedia

According to the Indonesian Encyclopedia, the understanding of art is a creation based on everything, because of its beauty, people are happy to see or listen to it.

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Art can be enjoyed through ear media (audio art), vision (visual art), & a combination of both (audio visual art). In general, art can be distinguished as four hordes, namely: 1. Music Art

Music art is a work of art that uses sound to be its main element. In addition, in musi there are still other elements such as harmonization, melody, and notation. In addition to the senses of musical instruments, the sound of music is also from according to humans, such as a cappella or beatbox. Art

Fine art is a work of art that can be enjoyed through the medium of vision, or visual art. Fine arts emphasis on works that have a form and form expressed in the form of paintings, drawings, sculptures, handicrafts, multimedia, and others. Dance Art

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Dance art is an art form that utilizes body movements as aesthetics. A dance director (choreographer) can talk about a particular intent or message through dance moves.

In general, dance art is combined using the art of music. That way, the concentration & consistency of dance movements becomes more complete in the delivery of messages and feelings. Literary Art

Literary art is an art form enjoyed through the medium of hearing and vision. Through the art of literature on words, one can convey messages and impressions in a latif way.

Examples of literary art such as poetry (sound) & calligraphy (writing). Theater Arts

Theater art is the art that visualizes a person’s delusions or describes a person’s thought points. The result of the delusion was herbi konduite biological beings, both individually and hordes.

Some of the basic abilities in theater art are the ability to build scripts, understand characters, and express characters in the script. Functions of Art in General

Based on the understanding of art mentioned above, the function of art generically is as a form / way of conveying one’s self-actualization to others and their environment.

Some functions of art can be distinguished into 2 groups, namely the function of art for the individual and the function of art for the social.A. The function of art individually.

For individuals, art has a function as a means of meeting their needs. The forms of these needs include: 1. Art as a Means of Meeting Physical Needs

Humans are creatures who have the ability to appreciate the beauty and use of many objects.

In the process of fulfilling these physical needs, artists have an important role in forming various kinds of objects of artistic value for the gratification of physical needs and putting peace of mind for others. Art as a Means of Meeting Emotional Needs

Emotions are feelings in humans, be it feelings of pleasure, anger, sadness, emotion, love, hate, and others. Everyone needs to express feelings in themselves so that their psychiatric condition is permanently normal.

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To meet the emotional needs earlier, people need encouragement based on their externality. For example, a person who has a soul of art and beauty will talk about his emotions through music, painting.

Or when a person feels stressed, then he needs when for recreation, watching movies, or other things to relieve mental pressure.B.

Humans are social beings who have a need for interaction using others and their environment. In this case, art also serves as a medium for the fulfillment of social needs earlier. Art as a Medium of Religion / Belief

Art has an important role in the delivery of religious messages / beliefs to people. This can be seen based on costumes / clothes, wedding ceremonies, death ceremonies, spiritual songs, calligraphy, etc.

Examples of art functions in trust can be seen in Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple. The reliefs that are still on the walls of the temple are a picture of buddhist and Hindu scriptures. Art as a Medium of Education

Art also has a crucial role in the world of education. Education can be grouped into three categories, namelyFormal education; education in the school environment.Non-formal education; education in the community environment.Informal education; education in the family environment.

Through art, individuals can learn about values and science in a fun way. For example, a student can learn music or drama, where this activity can express themselves to others. Art as An Information Medium

Through art we are also able to mention something to others using more easily. For example, the use of posters that are of artistic value where there is still news about the dangers of drugs, the importance of immunization, and the delivery of government events. Art as a Medium of Entertainment

Most of the majors related to using entertainment contain elements of art where art actors can express themselves actively or passively. An artist can feel happy, angry, moved, when his work is liked or disliked by others.

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