Types of Fine Arts, Complete And Explanations

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Bola.com, Jakarta – Fine art is one of the branches of art whose work can be enjoyed using the sense of sight and rabaan. Until now, fine art works are still poly in demand because the results are for example concrete objects.

Like other works of art, fine art has elements that make it up. Elements of fine art are generically composed according to physical and nonphysical elements.

The physical element means that a work of art is capable of being viewed exclusively. Meanwhile, nonphysical elements are general principles used to place physical elements in artwork.

The physical elements in basically include all elements of fine art that still exist in an object. Generically, there are eight basic elements of fine art that can build an output of fine art.

Existing art still has several types. For connoisseurs of fine arts, it is certainly crucial to know and understand the types.

The following is a summary of the types of fine arts and their explanations, for example reported according to the file.upi.edu page, Wednesday (8/9/2021). Types of Fine Arts

Illustration of fine art. (Photo by Timon Klauser on Unsplash)

Painting is the activity of processing elements of fine art such as lines, fields, colors, & textures on two-dimensional fields. The existing schools of fine art exist that are in harmony, forwarding, or opposing the previous genre.

Activities that resemble painting have long been known in Indonesia, but the naming or word painting is a term that comes according to the West. Activities that resemble painting can also be considered traditional painting.

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As for the painting art that we know today formed in canvas, it can be called the latest painting.

Sculpture works are realized through the processing of elements of fine art in a 3-dimensional field. Materials and embodiment techniques on multifaceted sculpture artwork.

The materials used can be natural materials, such as wood and stone, metal materials such as iron and bronze or synthetic materials such as resin plastic and fibre glass.

While the techniques used are adapted using the materials used such as carving, carving, cast, and so on. Types of Fine Arts

illusion of fine art. (source: Pixabay)

Graphic art is a branch of fine art that belongs to the form of 2 dimensions. Unlike painting which is usually a single work, peculiarities according to graphic works are their properties that can be reproduced or propagated.

At first graphic art was a skill to print or multiply pen strokes. Suitable using the printing process, graphic artwork is divided into four types, namely high print, deep printing, filter printing, and flat printing.

Kria art is the output of physical culture that is born because of challenges based on the environment and self kriawan. Kria art is interpreted as the result of human creativity through hand skills to meet their physical and spiritual needs.

The development of kria art itself is in line with the growth of fine arts in general. Kria art began since the stone and metal age, the development of Hindu culture in Indonesia, the release of power of 17 Islamic kingdoms, the entry of the colonialism era of European nations until the latest century today.

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Types of kria art are often named after their forming materials or mediums, such as wood kria, metal kria, fiber kria, leather kria, textile kria, glass kria, stone kria, and so on.

Aside from the material, several types of kria are named or categorized from their manufacturing techniques, such as batik kria, anyam kria, sungging kria, carved kria, and others. Types of Fine Arts

Illustration of fine art. (source: Unsplash)

Basically building art is part of fine art, but because of the specificity it has often the art of building is grouped itself in the art of architecture.

Based on the form & benefits of building art can also be categorized as art use.

Design is a design or design activity. Basically all works of art go through the design process before being produced or realized in the real finished form.

Understanding the design of this time is more often used to display the process of designing works of applied art (useful art). Some types of designs known in Indonesia include visual communication design, interior design, product design, and others.

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