Types of Craft Arts or Types of Crafts

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Types of Craft Arts or Types of Crafts – Craft Art (Craft Art) or Craft arts is a work of art whose manufacturing techniques are done using hand skills, handiwork or hasta works. In its development the art of this skill is done with the help of mechanical tools or machines as a result can be mass produced in a short time. This craft / craft output object is made for human needs / needs both in the form of ornamental objects and functional objects. People who work to build craft or craft art are often considered by the word craftsman or kriyawan.

Craft art works can be distinguished according to the materials & techniques of making it, among others, into the following.

Metal crafts are a type of craft made of metal homogeneous materials. These types of metals such as iron, bronze, aluminum, silver, & gold. The process of making metal craft artwork can be done with various techniques such as forging techniques, chisel techniques, cast techniques, etc. The results of this craft include sickles, knives, wall hangings, rings, earrings, etc.

Wood crafts are a type of craft made according to the basic materials of wood. The type of wood that is often used for crafts is wood that is hard and durable. Wood craft making techniques can be done using carving or carving techniques, cutting techniques, etc. The results of crafts / wooden crafts include tables & chairs, closets, etc.

Stone crafts are a type of craft that uses natural stone primary materials. Types of stones that can be used such as marble, green stone, white stone, black stone. This technique of making crafts / stone crafts usually uses carving techniques, grinding and pruning techniques (using machine assistance). The results of crafts / crafts of this stone such as marble floors, stone cobek, stone ulek, flower pots, stone ashtrays, etc.

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4. Clay Craft Art

Clay crafts are a type of craft that uses basic materials in the form of clay. The result of this clay craft is generally in the form of pottery. Craft making techniques / clay crafts are not rarely done using printing techniques, pilin techniques, butsir techniques, etc. Clay works so that the results are more beautiful are not infrequently combined with putting additional layers of ceramic / kaolin. The results of crafts / clay crafts such as plates and bowls, jugs, glasses and porongs, vases of flowers, ashtrays, etc.

Textile crafts are a type of craft that uses the basic material of yarn or cloth. In the manufacture of textile crafts is done according to the type of objects to be formed. There are many types of textile crafts such as manual weaving output (done by hand), songket fabric, & jua batik. From various types of crafts / textile crafts have different manufacturing techniques, such as batik making can be done with written batik techniques, jumputan techniques, stamp techniques, etc. The results of crafts / textile crafts include clothing, bags, hats, etc.

Leather crafts are a type of craft that uses leather basic materials. The type of leather commonly used to make crafts is goat, cow, buffalo skin, either in the form of raw leather or samak leather / has been processed. Craft making techniques / leather crafts can be done with carving techniques, sewing techniques, etc. The results of crafts / leather crafts include leather jackets, leather bags, leather shoes, etc.

Horn crafts are a type of craft that uses the main ingredients of animal horns. Horns that are often used for craft art materials are buffalo horns and cow horns. The technique of making horn crafts is carried out with a long process, starting according to heating (burning), pressing, then newly formed according to the desired purpose. The results of horn crafts include combs, bracelets, eyeglass frames, rakes, etc.

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8. Glass Craft Art

Glass crafts are a type of craft that uses glass primer materials. Glass that can be used to make craft art can be glass fiber or glass waste. The technique of making glass crafts can be done using combustion for glass fibers and glass waste can be made a variety of craft art by arranging and gluing broken glass to create the desired item. The results of glass crafts include glass ashtrays, glass urns, glass flower vases, etc.

9. Woven Craft Art

Woven crafts are a type of craft that is done using anyam technique. Types of materials or media that can be woven include bamboo, rattan, plastic, paper, rubber, leather. This woven craft is done by craftsmen who have been skilled at weaving. The results of poly woven crafts / crafts are used for daily needs such as tampah, trays, cething / rice holders, fruit loka, flower vases, etc.

In addition to the types of craft arts above, there are many more types of crafts / crafts found in the archipelago that use local materials in the region or use mixed materials (mix media) into materials for making regional craft arts.

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Such is my review of the “Kinds of Craft Arts or Types of Crafts” that exist and develop in our society. Hopefully this article provides benefits & knowledge for readers. Thank you for your visit on the Art Cultureku site, also read other interesting articles on the SeniBudayaku.com site.

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