The 7 Strangest and Unique Museums in Different Parts of the World

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Squad, do you like visiting museums? Of course, it is exciting not to visit a museum that generally stores historical objects or art objects by famous maestros in the world. By visiting the museum we can learn and get to know new things that we did not know before. However, what happens if the museum that generally stores historical objects even store strange and unique objects that have never been imagined will be found in a museum. Well, on the framework of International Museum Day, let’s look at some museums using other concepts based on this general he. Royal Mummy Room


The history of Egypt is one of the oldest history in the world. Well, you can see traces of Egyptian history in the Royal Mummy Room containing mummies according to the 27 kingdoms of Pharaoh. Surely you understand the story based on moses? In this museum we can also find the error of one mummy that is suspected to be the mummy of pharaohs who ran in the Red Sea, you know, Squad. In addition to the collection of mummies, the museum also holds a lot of artifacts dating from the period 1550-1069 BC, such as statues, tables to sarcophagus. There is also a collection of graves of Pharaoh Thutmosis III, Thutmosis IV, Amenophis II, and many more. Museum of Death

The museum using the real name Siriraj Medical Museum this museum holds several skeletons, fetal preservation or body parts that died because of a lot because of. In this museum you can see how human lungs are damaged by the puncture of a psychopath, or the brain that bleeds, and other limbs.

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Although the collection is quite terrible, it turns out that this museum was established for medical purposes, you know. The museum, located in Siriraj Hospital, has several parts of the medical museum including a museum of anatomy, pathology, traditional Thai medicine and a toxicology museum. For those of you who want to become a doctor, maybe you can visit this museum while walking to Bangkok, squad.

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The Hair Avanos Museum located in Canada has its own uniqueness because it stores about 16 thousand hair types taken from 16 thousand women around the world. The initial story of this museum began 30 years later where the Avanos area had a famous potter named Chez Galip. When one of Galip’s female friends had to leave Avanos, her best friend cut her hair and put it in a pottery jug made by Galip to reduce her sadness. Since then, every woman who visits Galip’s shop has cut her hair and attached it to the walls. Museum of Torture Tools


Squad, want to see the senses used to torture prisoners in ancient times? You can go to the Medieval Instrument Museum in Amsterdam. If you visit this museum, you will be treated to objects that used to be tools to torture prisoners. Surely when you see it, you will taste the sadistic and gripping aura. Nearly a hundred tools that witness atrocities are displayed in this museum. Museum Dessert

For those of you lovers of dessert or dessert culinary, then this museum should not be missed. The museum in the Philippines consists of eight rooms containing a variety of elegant snacks, such as gulali, marshmallows, cake pops, ice cream, chewing gum, donuts, candy cane, and others. Not only look around, you can also exclusively taste the various desserts provided. Start by tree from cotton balls to macarons. Wow, global nirvana for dessert lovers yes. Museum Kunstkamera

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The Kunstkamera Museum is one of the most popular museums in Russia. Besides because this museum is the first museum in Russia, but the collections will also make anyone who arrives horrified. In the museum that has been established since 1726, you can see many types of living things preserved in glass jars. Preserved living things are born with conditions that are not complete. There is a two-headed fauna, there are also babies using incomplete body structures. Do you dare to visit him, Squad? The Museum of Bad Art


Who said that the paintings in the museum are only latif paintings by famous artists? Apparently, there are also museums that display the output of artworks that are considered bad, you know. The Museum of Bad Art was founded in 1994 by Scott Wilson after he showed his friends a painting he had just found in a trash can. Thanks to the advice of his friends, Wilson eventually created this museum using collecting wasted artwork. The museum was established to honor the work of artists who fail to use fancy means.

How’s Squad, are you interested in visiting the error of one museum above? Although strange and unique, each museum is certainly made for the purpose of educating the public about something. So do not be reviewed strangely, yes, we also have to learn to know the history & meaning based on a museum. Because the origin of learning can be from anywhere, you know. Like in the study room. You can watch animated videos, do exercise questions and summaries anywhere & anytime. Come on, download it now! #BelajarJadiMudah.

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