The 20 Best Museums and Art Galleries in the World

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Art lovers must visit a number of names of art centers as well as culture that bazaar will discuss below.

Not only is science enriched by new learning through valuable art collections. But also, interesting Instagram content uses exposition of many corners of the building that are full of the following art.

Present in various forms of concepts, the 20 names of museums and art galleries below can be your reference. Especially for those of you who label yourself to be a traveler as well as an admirer and appreciator of art.

Below, check out Bazaar’s selection of the 20 best museums and art galleries spread throughout the world! Metropolitan Museum of Art or MoMA

Located in New York City, the name Metropolitan Museum of Art or commonly abbreviated as MoMA is undoubtedly familiar. One of the largest museums in the Americas often presents the latest artworks at this time based on a number of names of artists who are curated specifically. MoMA has always been a favorite destination museum for travelers who are visiting New York. David Zwirner Gallery

Although it is not a scale as large as MoMA, David Zwirner art gallery also displays artwork that is not inferior in quality. Located in 3 major cities, namely New York, London, & Hong Kong, david Zwirner art gallery is currently displaying art exhibitions from about 60 artists from various parts of the world. The works displayed are generally contemporary nuances. Smithsonian Institution

Museums, galleries, even zoos! It’s all at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. Unmitigated, the Smithsonian Institution presents dozens of museums using themes that are not aligned. Visitors can determine the museum with the theme that is most interesting to them. National Gallery of Art

In addition, you can also investigate art in the city of Washington DC through a variety of rare art collections exhibited at the National Gallery of Art. When visiting this one art center, don’t forget to take time when to explore the uniqueness of sculpture garden as a side of its advantages compared to other museums. Museum Louvre

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Not inferior to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre museum you saw photographed above just now also holds the primary role of being one of the icons of the city of Paris. The history, art, as well as the culture of European society, can be traced in this place. Various corners of the museum that are photogenic are also another reason why this place always looks never empty of visitors. The Centre Pompidou

In addition to the Louvre museum, the city of love or Paris also has other art centers. Centre Pompidou is also a recommendation from Bazaar to enjoy art in Paris. Originating after the name of his country’s leader in the new 1970s, George Pompidou, this area is famous for its contemporary architecture. Musee dâ Orsay

May you still be excited to see the aesthetics of art while touring Paris with Bazaar. Because, this fashion city is also the location of the existence of the Musee dâ Orsay. Established in 1898, this museum strategically located in the Seine area is stunning. Exploration of many types of artwork, ranging from paintings, furniture, to other valuable collections. The British Museum

The splendor of the British Museum in London is well known all over the world. The façade of the magnificent building using the dominance of white color becomes its own identity for the museum of praise of these British citizens. The National Gallery

Not inferior to Paris. London also excels with the richness of art destinations located in a number of corners of this overcast city. The National Gallery, becomes another way to enjoy art in this city. Tate

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Consisting of four museums that can be explored all day, let’s turn to Tate in London. Founded in 1897 the founder named Henry Tate, this place is also a favorite art center of the local community to foreign tourists who are visiting London. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art/ SFMOMA

Just opened home with a new concept in 2016, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art as Bazaar’s next recommendation. As the name implies, this new art museum is located in San Francisco, California. Abbreviated as SFMOMA, this museum and art gallery is one of the largest in the world. Museum Acropolis

Located in the city of Athens, Greece, the Acropolis Museum is arguably the fault of one unique museum that exists globally. When visiting this historic site, you will be taken into Greek history. Because this museum is an archaeological site or relics of historical buildings. Gagosian Gallery

Taken after the last name of its originator, Larry Gagosian, the Gagosian Gallery features a string of contemporary artworks. The gallery consists of a total of sixteen art galleries spread across New York, London, Paris, Basel, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Rome, Geneva, and Hong Kong. Rijksmuseum

For those of you who have visited the city of Amsterdam, undoubtedly at least once crossed the name of the Rijksmuseum. This famous museum explains the history and origins of the Netherlands. Complete with visual works that are full of art and culture. Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museum is located magnificently in Vatican City. Each corner of classical building architecture holds its own story. In addition to artworks that are full of religion, this museum also stores sculptures produced by Roman cultural relics. Hauser & Wirth Gallery

Hauser & Wirth Gallery is also famous all over the world. Its location spread across various major cities of the world, such as Zurich, London, Somerset, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, & Gstaad also proves it. In fact, the Hauser & Wirth gallery originated by Swiss state. It was founded in 1992 in Munich. Museum Padro

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Also known as the Museo del Padro in the language of its home country, one of the best museums in the world is located in the city of Madrid, Spain. Originally built in 1819, it is the official national museum of the Spanish state. Museum Kunsthistorisches

When visiting Vienna, art lovers should not miss the pride art center of austrians this one. Named kunsthistorisches museum, entering the museum building that is famous for its dome, you will be equipped with new knowledge about art and culture. Uffizi Gallery

A look at the beautiful city of Florence in Italy will feel more complete with a visit to the Uffizi gallery. It’s not just a collection of historic artworks that will create awestruck. The architecture of this gallery’s special Classic European building is also the location of its charisma. Museo de Arte

Tells the history of his country through art since the 17th century, as the uniqueness presented by the Museo de Arte to Puerto Rico. In addition to regular art exhibitions, the museum uses this magnificent architecture and regularly holds seminar programs to talkshows about art and creativity.

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