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Currently, coffee shops are in great demand and loved by young people in the country. Many coffee shops are popping up to meet the high demand for coffee shop consumers. Kopi Kenangan is one of the coffee shops that is fairly successful. Tips for awareness according to Kopi Kenangan are also widely applied by other shops.

Marketing tips according to KopiKenangan is very useful and effective to apply, even in fact these tips do not only apply to coffee shops. The tips provided by Kopi Kenangan can be applied to other businesses as well. The success of Kopi Kenangan in using its business strategy is what encourages many people to form similar business tactics. Marketing Tips From CoffeeKenangan

In October 2018, Kopi Kenangan was recorded to have 16 outlets. The turnover generated has exceeded 4 billion rupiah using coffee sales of more than 200 thousand cups. Kopi Kenangan uses marketing tactics that are not aligned according to other entrepreneurs. This strategy is what makes it easier to develop and succeed in the field lapak303.

The success of this Kenangan Coffee awareness makes many investors who want and want to invest some money for the development of this Kopi Kenangan shop. Even some investors are investors who come from abroad. Here are some marketing ways that you can apply to make as successful as a memorable coffee shop:It carries a theme that is not aligned and creative.

Kopi Kenangan carries a coffee shop theme that is different from its habits. It can be seen according to its name, Kopi Kenangan has its own characteristics that are not owned by other coffee shops. In addition to its unique and interesting name, the dish provided by kopi Kenanganpun is different from other coffees.

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Coffee memories of the former, coffee of dark lovers, contemporary coffee, coffee memories of the past, & ice the nostalgia are some of the names of the dish that provided the Coffee Kenangan. The names of these unique dishes also support a lot of interest and wonder from consumers.Dare to take a different step.

Kopi Kenangan is marketed with steps that are not in harmony with the expectations in general. Kopi Kenangan was formed initially aimed at showing that SME business can actually beat international businesses.

Kedai Kopi Kenangan dares to guarantee to each customer to put coffee with the best quality, but at a price that is low and not too high. The price given by KopiKenangan can still be reached in the middle class.Doing marketing online.

Kopi Kenangan does its business marketing by utilizing online media. One of the things that makes it out of tune is becauseKopi Kenangan provides a special implementation to buy coffee.

In the implementation of Kopi Kenangan, there are various features such as: coffee purchase service features, payment features, and features that can show where the location of the Coffee Kenangan shop is nearby.

In addition to using the application, coffee memories also take advantage of the current viral trend. Kopi Kenangan can judge that something that is viral, will definitely be more in demand by the citizens.

From this, Kopi Kenangan utilizes various social media platforms that exist to try to virtualize its products. Armed with support on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & various other social media, Kopi Kenangan conveys its high sales output.Doing an offline gambling system that is not the same.

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In sales at its outlets, Kopi Kenangan carries a strategy that is not the same, namely the grab and go system. This system is a system where coffee purchases are made almost like using take away sales.

Using the system, Kopi Kenangan revealed that they could sell about eight hundred to a thousand cups of coffee per day.Using aggressive expansion tactics.

In marketing and business development, KopiKenanangan shop uses very militant expansion tactics. In each month, there are three-5 bari outlets that have been successfully opened by Kopi Kenangan shops.

With the number of outlets opened, the popularity of Kopi Kenangan will soar and more poly known by the community. In addition, having many outlets can also facilitate public access to be a consumer in Kopi Kenangan shop.

Some of the marketing tips provided by the founder and owner of Kopi Kenangan shop actually do not only apply to coffee shop businesses. You can also apply it in sync with the effort you have.

Business or business planning techniques, actually depending on the type of business owned by each entrepreneur. However, the most powerful marketing tactics today are marketing tactics that are not the same, unique, and creative. This is because residents have begun to get tired of using conventional marketing tactics that have been commonly used.

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