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Art Gallery Location In Jakarta – Art lovers are never exhausted according to the face of this earth, how to say something through a picture, the tool is the feeling of people creating art

Well for those of you Indonesians who are visiting Jakarta and are bored of knowing where to make a good vacation to visit the art gallery in the city of Jakarta.

Before we discuss wherever the location of the art gallery read also our other article in Art Painting

Cheap and Many Fans

Not at the point of association for art gallery exhibitions in Jakarta is very crowded tickets for admission is also relatively cheap making many enthusiasts wonder to look inside.

Here are the locations you can visit:

The National Gallery of Indonesia ownership has a state themed about the era of independent Indonesia, such as antiques in antiquity in ancient times on display here the image of legendary paintings can also be we

Meet here, The good news of this gallery is not charged a penny aka free, Have a schedule according to Wednesday – Sunday only based on 08:00 – 05:00 in the afternoon.

Its location is on Jalan Medan Merdeka (jakarta sentra)

For musem macan in Jakarta has been familiar to the ears of the indonesian people as one of the famous musem places in the city of Jakarta, displaying a million relics of Indonesian goods.

Before independence, the relics that can be found in this musem are kris, plates – plates left by indonesia’s great heroes, in addition, this place is also often used as an art gallery exhibition paintings.

latif either originated based on local or foreign. For cheap nisbi ticket prices for per ticket, it is charged 100 thousand rupiah only. Located in west Jakarta or can be found on google maps.

Some of the addresses above are models of art gallery addresses that can be visited freely anyone is not only for art lovers, for residents who are buying can also enjoy the scenery.

or to examine the history of art.

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The art of painting is getting easier to market – painting is an art that is very much a fan of it.

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Where people will be amazed by a painting depicted by an artist.

Very poly painting that is depicted for example the depiction of a person’ waja, scenery.

The meaning of a new view that in the drawing is on a painting & the longer the year of manufacture it will be the more expensive it will be a painting.

Depending on an image that is depicted on canvas cloth with a high typhoid art value put it an attraction.

Before the age of technology like today, a painting could only be marketed at certain developer exhibitions only.

Sales are also difficult to reach the target, because indeed the price according to a painting of various types.

Depending according to the difficulty of a picture, its size and so on.

Along with the development of the times, where now we enter the digital era with an internet network that is very easy to access from various parts of the world.

This provides a good impact on all sectors such as online sales, online businesses and even online betting in Indonesia and global online sales.

One of the good impacts is according to the sale of painting art, because painting artists today are very easy to market paintings based on online media.

His fans also according to many areas outside the island, even to foreign countries.

The presence of online media such as social media facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter & becomes a very large dapak.

they freely post the output of a work of art & it is very easy to make it marketed.

Yes, what we understand now is that social media users are very big, not as small as providing opportunities for very poly people who see and are interested in buying a product.

This puts a sense of passion in the artist painting artist continues to work & create his new work continues.

New artist artists also continue to grow because the results of the work are able to market more efficiently.

the la article Painting art is getting easier to market that can be conveyed….

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Music art more and more registrants – Jakarta music art does put its own pleasure on playing the senses of music & in singing the vocalist.

Music can surely bring out a taste in someone who is feeling it.

Now there are very many music arts that appear on the glass of Indonesian music.

Children are easy to senior in playing music to create new songs every week.

In addition, online media like today is very supportive such as the presence of youtube media that can accommodate all of one’s music hobbies uploaded to the media.

Like the hobby of playing music with recaman vedio which in the past to this media gives more and more musical colors.

This provided an advance in the art of music that developed for example today.

No wonder music is now very poly type and can be felt by everyone in the global.

In addition, there are very many of them who channel this art of music to find opinions on youtube.

Because the more poly who watches the music video uploaded by a person, the more poly will be his income.

The Art of Music is growing.

Not sporadic nowadays children easily compete in creating a song that is able to attract the sympathy of a person to watch and even upload it.

If you are one of those who are happy with this art of music, continue to work on this art of music.

Because this art of music will not be in time, which we understand like a slow rock song that until now is still very poly fans, even though it has been very long.

That’s the power of an art that’s created.

Very poly type of music art with a lot of music genres for example.

Pop music and be his that can put pleasure on someone who listens to him.

Music is something that cannot be released in human life.

that’s la article Music art more and more registrants can be conveyed….

Continue reading … Different types of martial arts

Various types of martial arts – Jakarta, martial arts is now increasingly on the gemari based on various groups.

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From easy children to adults, they are increasingly enjoying martial arts.

Proven many of his martial arts venues are increasingly poly in big cities such as Jakarta.

In addition to learning martial arts personally we are doing sports that are very healthy for the body.

Because the movement of movement produced gives fat burning to the human body.

These are some of the reasons martial arts are increasingly on the fun among those who like to exercise.

Here are some martial arts that will be discussed in this article.

Taekwondo is a martial art that originated in Korea, a martial art that mostly uses foot calm in boxing mixes.

Kung Fu is a martial art based on China.

This martial art includes its own martial arts that have been around for quite a while in its other martial arts clusters.

Martial arts that prioritize the speed of the hands and feet in when attacking and in addition calm on the one that produces a very deadly blow.

Wing Chun is not far from using kung fu, this one martial art is also the same from China that continues to grow until this time.

Tai Chi martial arts are still one genre with kunfu and jua win chun which are combined into one.

Martial karate originating from Japan is known to use the power of punches by hand, like a very hard fist that can be deadly versus instantaneous.

Muay Thai martial arts from Thailand is also very popular according to a variety of easy children who at the same time want to exercise.

Because this martial art is very draining in when his practice.

Martial arts with the combination of kicks and hard punches resulted in one of the martial arts that are very happy.

In fact, there are still very many other types of martial arts that we have not discussed and we will discuss in the following opportunities.

it’s la article Various types of martial arts that can be conveyed….

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