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Spot hits at tiger museum

Hola, this time I will discuss the museum that again hits in Jakarta, Museum Macan. Armed with my online motorcycle taxi to the location, klo you want to go there using the busway down at the orange kebon stop it has been very tight from the intended site. 🙂

In this museum it turns out that the entry from 10 am to 6 pm (2 hours once) because in the morning nemenin temen moved first so I & my friend set to come here in the afternoon, if the suggestion is you come right in the morning because the afternoon is very full especially if you want to enter the infinity mirrored room. The queue is already an hour of boo, mending queuing totoro deh seriously. XD If you have a lot of free time to come after weekdays, it is undoubtedly quieter.

Actually the building is easy to find, but because this museum is still not popular (famous mah among those who love photos) so we are relatively unlucky to find the some places you must see this 😀one of the works in the museum Manusia.

Before buying tickets we have been able to photograph in two paintings, guess what the meaning according to the 2 paintings earlier? Admission ticket

We took the most afternoon hours. If the writing is 19.00 do not believe it, 6 o’clock is already in empty really, although there are more wandering around. Oh yes for those of you who carry a backpack, tripot, tongsis please be entrusted yes, can not bring it so into the museum, first I am not given to know eh know eh know it was reprimanded by the security guard, he said the backpack must be deposited than you must go out trus enter again mending directly from the price of admission for a 😀 generic weekend RP 50,000, – for different students again the price is undoubtedly cheaper,so for you students remember to bring the student card yes. Tickets can be purchased online or offline. Because it is not necessarily what time I choose to buy offline. The ticket is also more beautiful haha, klo online must print itself.

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First entered we immediately queued to the Infinity Mirrored Room. The queue is very outdated, focused anyway, maximal enter only 45 sk and if again many visitors the time is shortened to 20 or 30 seconds, & if you yourself here the rules officers do not cut visitors, duh so want to bandingin the same ghiblikan. XD Before entering read the guide first yeeIt’s a very focused description, clay profit. XDThe end of it coming in anyway

I suggest you go in alone, masimal entered both but when that given permanent, the loss of queuing long-ago just for photos ga liat-liat inside using well & correctly, & it narrowly watch fell into the water. Feel where it is

Once we’re not satisfied there, we start to surround the museum. First I went to the explanation room using a video about works based on ants. There are yes people think of making works from the instincts of ants to form a path.

Confused about where the ants make the path? so the ants create a path connecting one flag and the sand is mixed and cracked between the flags.

In this museum there are two controversial paintings maybe although not the first time I saw it has been uncomfortable, I did not snap it because I really feel uncomfortable, regardless of the intention and purpose of the painter describes what it became.

After exiting the gate, we found a unique place next to the dollar painting the first time we saw before buying an entrance ticket, it seems that many are not aware of the place. because it’s quiet ahahaha. So on the site it is for children to color, but adults are also able to participate in trying to plagiarize the embossed image.

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Trus this room is very instagramable. that’s funny. colorful hue. Be the photos in the room. It seems more cute this room than queuing long circular photos bentar ahaha.

It’s funny the place 😀

the atmosphere of the museum after 6 pm, empty XD It’s time to go 🙂 See you told the next story ^^

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