Hundreds of Years Old, These Are the 5 Oldest Museums in the World!

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The museum is a permanent, non-profit institution, which serves the needs of the public using an open nature, and conducts the business of collecting antiques and historical objects, conserving, researching, communicating, and exhibiting these ancient and historic objects to citizens for research, education, and entertainment.

From year to year, the state of the museum continues to develop with the development of science. The average museum in this latest era is a museum that is old, and hundreds of years old. Well, here’s a brief review of the five oldest museums in the world. Capitolini Museum, Italy

The Capitolini Museum is one of the oldest museums in the world located on Capitoline Hill, in Rome, Italy. The museum, which is part of a group of art museums and archaeologists, was founded in 1471, when Pope Cyclotus IV donated his collection of ancient bronze objects to the Romans.

This Capitolini Museum consists of 3 floors, consisting of Palazzo Senatorio, Palazzo dei Conservatori, & jua Palazzo Nuovo. Interestingly, the three floors were designed by the painter and architect who was popular in the Renaissance, namely Michaelangelo Buonarrotti.dua.Vatican Museum, Italy

The Vatican Museum is one of the oldest museums globally, located in the Vatican, Rome, Italy. The museum, which is part of the public art museum, and the statue featuring the best work of the Roman Catholic Church, was opened to the public in 1501, by Pope Julius II. The Vatican itself is one of the five regions in Rome that managed to maintain the heritage of the world’s oldest civilization center.

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Entrance ticket vatican museum is the most expensive museum entrance ticket in the world, because in addition to being one of the oldest museums in the world, it turns out that the Vatican Museum is also the largest museum in the world. The price of admission is around 21 US dollars, which if sold to rupiah is approximately Rp208,000.3. Louvre Museum, France

The Louvre Museum is one of the oldest museums in the world, located on the Rive Droite Seine, Paris, France. The Louvre Museum is housed in the Louvre Palace, which was originally a fortress built in the 12th century, which was under the rule of Philip II. The Louvre Museum, is an art museum, which is dominated by artworks from the property of the church and the kingdom, which was confiscated by the French government. The Louvre Museum, opened for generics on August 10, 1793, using exhibits of at least 537 paintings.

The museum’s collection continues to grow year after year, which of course comes from donations and grants that have continued to increase since the time of the Third French Republic. In 2008, the Louvre Museum collection was divided into 8 curatorial departments, consisting of ancient Egyptian collections, ancient collections based on the Middle East, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman collections, and then there is also a collection of Islamic art, sculpture, decorative arts, painting, and the last is drawing art. The most famous artwork in the Louvre Museum is a painting of the Mona Lisa by the famous Italian painter, Leonardo da Vinci.

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The British Museum is one of the oldest museums in the world located in London, England. This museum is also the museum with the largest and most complete collection in the world, whose work comes from all continents, which describes and documents the history of culture based on the beginning of human creation, until modern times.

The British Museum was founded in 1753, which began according to a collection owned by a doctor and scientist named Sir Hans Sloane. The British Museum opened to the public on 15 January 1759 at Montagu House, in Bloomsbury, which is based on the British Museum itself.

For fans of Hollywood films, of course, it will not be unfamiliar to use this museum, because the British Museum is used as a filming location for the famous Hollywood film “Night at The Museum three: The Secret of Tomb”, which is a Hollywood film of the genre of law and fantasy starring Ben Stiller. Hermitage Museum, Russia

The Hermitage Museum is one of the oldest museums in the world, located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Hermitage Museum is not only included as one of the oldest museums in the world, but also one of the largest museums in the world. The museum of art & culture was founded in 1764, by Catherine the Great, and began to open to generics in 1852. Hermitage Museum not only stores a collection of artworks, but also saves various history and interesting information contained in the history earlier.

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If totaled in a long way, the collection of this Hermitage Museum, reaching 3 million works of art you know, which originated from many eras, and placed in 350 rooms, the area of which can reach 20 kilometers. Like other old museums, the Hermitage Museum is filled with a series of stories about legends of supernatural beings from the Russian dynasty family, such as living museum display objects, and sightings from other global herbi Romanov families.

Well, that’s a review of the 5 oldest museums in the world, which not only store artwork, but also save history based on time. Interested in visiting him?

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