Here’s a List of the 15 Most Expensive Art Galleries in the World

Posted on, Jakarta Many works of art and architecture have spread in all exhibitions or art galleries globally, but which art exhibitions are the best? Snarled? Or even the most expensive?

Art is always changing or something new. For example, works in popular museums show a very beautiful collection according to accomplished painters to newcomer painters.

The art gallery showcases incredible collections with different art forms and amazing arrangements.

Here are the 15 most expensive art galleries in the world as reported by on Wednesday (09/28/2016).

The Royal Academy includes works of paintings of people, one of which is David Hockney RA: 82 paintings of people and 1 still-life. The gallery, located in London, will exhibit Hockney’s paintings until October 2.

Hockney’s art was painted within 3 days on a large canvas. Hockney refers in his method to “20 hours of exposure”.

Subjects according to the painting include architect Frank Gehry, comedian Barry Humphries, textile designer Celia Birtwell and Hockney’s assistants and neighbors.

The British Museum is located in the middle of London. One of the most famous works is Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds. The work is currently on display at the museum until November 27.

The exhibition describes how culture, religion and politics in Egypt and Greece were incorporated in the city of Thonis-Heracleion & Canopus.

The work on display contains an arrangement of gold objects found in the global under the sea. A number of Greeks settled in northern Egypt to become merchants and wage soldiers in the sixth century BC. Finally, the Greeks and Egyptians united and worshiped each of their Redeemable Gods.

13. Smithsonian Institution

Located in Washington D.C., the Smithsonian Institution is the largest research & museum complex in the world, among them 19 museums and galleries, the National Zoological Park and various research sites.

It houses more than 137 million works of art, most of which mention American history. Some of the famous artworks in this national museum include Dorothy’s ruby red sandals and the first female dress in the United States.

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Other must-see artworks include The Wright brothers’ 1903 Flyer, the Spirit of St. Louis and the Apollo 11. Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

12. Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art

You undoubtedly think that expensive works of art are works that have artistically focused. But it’s not always like that. The museum of comic and cartoon art located in New York City wants people to know comic art and cartoons. The museum also responds to discussions and thoughts of this type of art.

An example is an exhibition of Batman paintings. You can compare Batman paintings based on out-of-tune artists & you can choose which version is best.

The gallery is very interesting, colorful and varied hue. You could claim that this museum is one of the most unique works and moving forward.

11. Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts

Located in St. Louis Missouri, the Pulitzer Foundation was founded by architect Tadao Ando. The artwork is also very beautiful and each of his works has a copyright.

Sculptures and paintings fill the building and the foundation works with the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra to be kept at concert.

Joe is a spiral sculpture created by Richard Serra that describes his artwork as a function of when.

Blue Black by Ellsworth Kelly. Ellsworth’s work is 28 feet tall and made of aluminum.

This museum holds a very beautiful collection of artworks. The museum located in Boston is also expanding its land to date.

In the museum, you can look for ancient Egyptian objects, Impressionist paintings, Chinese calligraphy and Japanese pottery items. This museum is one of the museums visited by many visitors in the world.

The Egyptian collection is one of the largest collections of the exhibition. The collection also includes top sculptures, statues, earrings and other small jewelry buried in pharaohs’ coffins.

Another must-see artwork is perhaps one of America Revolution’s most popular paintings, Paul Revere by John Singleton Copley.

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9. Philadelphia Museum of Art

The museum is often referred to as one step Sylvester Stallone as famous after playing in the movie Rocky. In fact, the Rocky Balboa statue is outside this museum.

Another beautiful work of art is the Van Gogh Up Close Exhibition. Van Gogh is a globally renowned artist with his collection including some of his artistically experimental art.

The museum also holds the artwork of Thomas Eakins’s The Gross Clinic which is very realistic and the paintings are very detailed. New York Museum of Modern Art

8. New York Museum of Modern Art

The museum, which is often considered MOMA, holds and even makes modern art works beautiful.

The latest works of art that still exist in this museum include architecture, paintings, illustrations, books, films and even photos. Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night is perhaps the museum’s worst artwork.

Another work to be viewed is Les Demoiselles d’Avignon by Pablo Picasso. The work caused controversy because the painting depicted 5 women based on a pimp’s house on Avignon. Many think his work satirizes traditional European art, but others describe his paintings as a tool to develop the latest art.

The Seattle Art Museum actually has three facilities, including the main museum, the Asian Art Museum & Olympic Sculpture Park.

The collection is almost more than 20,000 works of art. The Olympic Sculpture Park is a fine sculpture that surrounds the park including The Eagle by Alexander Calder, which is currently a famous work of art.

Based on its size, the “Art Ladder” is the single largest sculpture that accentuates beautiful skills.

6. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The museum, located in Boston, has artworks based on globally renowned artists such as Raphael, Michelangelo and Botticelli.

The museum is not just a painting, but the museum also holds concerts, guest lectures and community programs. One of the most popular works of art is The Rape of Europa by Titian. Paintings that satisfy their characteristics are full of spirit colors & spirit action.

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Interestingly, if you are named Isabella, you can see the artwork in this museum perdeo.

five. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The museum located in San Francisco is located in San Francisco is storing interesting and unique artwork based on different shapes and sizes.

This museum also includes a collection of cool photography, sculptures, paintings. One of the must-see works is La Conversation the Henri Matisse. This work is one of the oil paintings that arouse interest and enthusiasm. The color exudes based on his paintings & the image of 2 women smiling evilly will make you think what is being talked about. The Frick Collection

Located in Manhattan, formerly the home of Henry Clay Frick, The Frick Collection features old paintings using the high quality of some of the most famous European painters.

In addition, not only paintings are still in The Frick Collection, but this place also collects very magnificent furniture, porcelain vases and bronze from Italy. One of the best works is the Renoir, Impressionism and Full-Length Painting Exhibition including nine paintings based on many areas on the global that include Renoir’s work.

Tate Modern, located in London, includes works by American fashionist Georgia O’Keeffe on display until October 30. O’Keeffe is the most expensive female painter in the world.

The painter and feminist pioneer was an American icon and his paintings were kept in public collections in the United Kingdom. His best-known paintings include enlarged flowers, New York skyscrapers and views of New Mexico.

The artwork at Tate Modern is O’Keeffe’s greatest memory.

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