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The rapid growth of online businesses in various industries also invites us to follow the changes in global commerce & digital. But based on uncontrolled growth, only approximately 8% or a total of 3.79 million SME businesses have implemented online marketing tactics on their business. The data was conveyed by the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (Kemenkop UKM).

Exclusively, the development of online business requires business people to jump into it. Including making sales in digital platforms & doing online marketing must be done to support sales success. Here are some tricks on running an online marketing strategy that you must try. 1. Market Your Products Through Social Media

The increase in social media use by year to year is increasing rapidly. This statement is the reason why the general media is now a very effective marketing medium to introduce your product to a broad target market. To start running this tactic, the first step you have to do is create a social media account for your brand, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on.

Plan engaging and consistent content for general media posts, and pour a promotion message into it to offer the products you have. As a model, if you are a fashion business picker, you can create photos that you post interestingly by wearing models that are in sync with your fashion products. Don’t forget to create an interesting and persuasive caption to convey a promotional message. 2. Take Advantage of The Website Platform To Expand Your Product Audience

A website being a digital platform is evaluated to be a good marketing medium in the long run. Although many online forums are present as promotional media, permanent websites have a wide segment. Using a website to introduce your product makes buyers more trusting because your brand has a convincing site. Not sporadic prospective buyers look for information in advance about your product site through search engines.

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If your site cannot be found, they can have doubts about your product. Another case if you have a product website, of course, buyers become more sure to pay for the products you offer. Also read about tips for creating a website. Source: websaucestudio.com3. Send Marketing Emails to Your Market Segments

Tricks to carry out promotional tactics that are relatively empowered, one of which is email marketing. Because through this promotional media, email marketing is considered as an effective and targeted marketing vehicle. About info about new products or promos, and other info related to your business can be sent directly to the target audience. In addition, you can also take a personal approach using customers and prospective buyers. So you create a good relationship that will have an effect on sales opportunities. 4. You Can Offer Audience As a Product Reseller

Implementing a reseller system can drive up sales of your products, and include relatively optimal marketing tactics. Wider market reach and sales at large amounts as an outlet for your business growth. Although the price you decide to make a reseller is much cheaper, but the profit you get can be greater because the products sold occur in large quantities and routine. five. Inform Product Reviews and Customer Testimonials To Your Potential Buyers

The existence of testimonials and product reviews based on customers is considered very effective in creating the religion of prospective buyers towards your product. Especially for prospective buyers who still feel doubts about your product, they must receive evidence about the quality of the product. You can put the best service for customers, because this will build engagement and make buyers feel satisfied using the products they get.

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Running online marketing tactics for your business, especially the form of SMEs, is a marketing trick that you must do. You can start by controlling your company’s finances, so you can later plan & create rules for online marketing. Xendit is the best payment gateway in Indonesia that can help you control your company’s financial statements. Assisting you in billing customers through the features provided, the other error is online invoices.

In making payments, with Xendit customers you can choose a variety of payment methods that will make it easier for them to transact. These methods include bank transfers, dream accounts, credit cards and retail outlets such as Alfamart. The convenience they get is of course the best service effort you provide to customers.

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