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Online marketing is a marketing communication activity using internet media. Marketing is a social and managerial process in which individuals and groups to receive what they need and want using forming, offering, and exchanging valuable products to others (Kotler, 1997). This definition of marketing relies on core concepts that include needs, asa (wants), and demands (demands).

And according to William J. Stanton in Private Basu (1998: 179) marketing is an overall system based on business activities aimed at planning, choosing prices, promoting, and distributing goods and services to satisfy the needs of existing buyers and potential buyers. This understanding can put the image that marketing is a rendezvous process between individuals and groups where each party wants to receive what they need or want through the process of forming, giving, and exchanging. In addition, marketing becomes a system according to activities that are interconnected with each other, aimed at planning, determining prices, promoting, and distributing goods or services to individual buyers and hordes of buyers. The activity operates in an environment that is limited by sources according to the company, regulations, and social consequences of the company.

Based on the relationship between sellers or marketers using buyers, marketing can be divided into direct marketing (of line) and exclusive non-marketing, namely marketing using internet media (online). What is meant by direct marketing is that marketers (sellers) communicate privately with individual customers who are targeted accurately both to get immediate responses and foster long-lasting customer relationships, this marketing model is often considered to use a direct-to-customers bussines model. While what is meant by exclusive non-marketing or marketing using internet media (Internet Marketing) which is often claimed to use online marketing (marketing on line) is a marketing communication activity using Internet media. Online Marketing (Online Marketing)

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Currently, to market goods that will be sold to buyers do not need to sell the goods exclusively to buyers. With online marketing that utilizes search engine technology can invite prospective customers who are relevant to the products / services offered to know the product / service through the website. Because currently poly people who are looking for goods on the internet then only need to reveal the goods sold more clearly.

A study concluded that social media has improved performance according to business & 90% of respondents suspect social media is important for their business. The main benefit obtained based on social media is brand awareness. From the study, other benefits obtained by respondents from social media for SMEs are: Increased Traffic – 72 percent Increased Search Ranking – 62 percent New Partnerships – 59% Increased Sales – 48% Marketing Cost Reduction – 59 percent for the self-employed, 58 percent for SMEs Twice as likely to find qualified prospects

Through social media and tools like Twitter, Facebook and blogging she was able to reach out and create enlightenment like never before.

Furthermore, below will be included material related to online marketing, namely participating in the knowledge of online distribution, online consumers, how to do online marketing, internet marketing tactics, online marketing opportunities and challenges, online marketing services, promotion strategies, & maintaining relationships.

Understanding Online Marketing Online Marketing (Online Marketing) is a marketing communication activity using Internet media. Initially using static pages in HTML format (HyperText Markup Language) that can be accessed by Internet users. That was the beginning according to the website which then became a kind of ‘online brochure’ and even a ‘second office’ for companies to display their identity to the world. Online marketing is done through an interactive online computer system, which connects buyers and sellers electronically.

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There are two (two) types of online marketing channels: Commercial Online Services, Internet services that provide news and online marketing services to customers who pay monthly porto, for example America Online, Compuserve and Prodigy. The Internet, the Web is a vast and rapidly growing world of computer networks that have no central management & ownership.

The growth of online marketing developed into electro commerce (E-Commerce). Electronic commerce (E-Commerce) is a general term for the buying and selling process supported by electronic vehicles.

Benefits of Online Marketing Cheap and efficient. To be able to open a store physically will require millions of rupiah capital, this is not in sync with the capital needed to create an online store only hundreds of thousands of rupiah, even now there are many facilities on the internet that we can use to open an online store using free. In addition porto operating online stores only on porto internet access without the need for employees. Online marketing through the internet is not limited to the moment, it is not like other offline businesses. Business marketing services through the internet can be accessed by consumers at any time as long as there is an internet network. Online marketing through the internet also reaches a wider market. Through internet business, products can be informed to all regions in the archipelago, even reaching foreign markets. By using online marketing tactics over the internet. Can increase the image of the company in the eyes of consumers, so as to provide more value to face the existing business competition. Reduce marketing costs, because online marketing over the internet is more targeted & the cost is undoubtedly lower than offline marketing porto which costs more to make brochures, banners, banners, neon boxes, etc. Making it easier for business actors to establish interactions using consumers. Because through the international can be established interactive communication between consumers using business actors, for example through suggestion boxes or comment rooms, as well as discussion forums between consumers. So if communication is maintained using well, consumer loyalty can also increase.

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Although online marketing has many advantages such as those mentioned above, online marketing also has disadvantages, namely: Require customers to use internet technology. Low internet connection speed can also be an obstacle Consumers on the internet can not touch, smell, feel or try goods concretely before making a purchase. Fraud in online sales

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