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The Secrets of Culinary Business People Keep Business In Existence During the Pandemic

So that the business can permanently survive and continue to grow, business actors must be able to be adaptive and make various kinds of discoveries including the other error by changing the model…

Strategies to Open An Online Store in 2022, To Sell Well

One of the biggest mistakes new business owners make is not focusing on the 3 components of determining a niche.

The Key to Business Success with a Partner, One of Which Is Trusting Each Other

Here are some suggestions summarized by Businesses if you want to start a business with a partner.

Tips for Starting a Business with KTA, So As Not to Get Into Debt

If you are interested in applying for a loan without capital, of course you need to pay attention to the business you build.

1 month ago Packaging Innovation at Affordable Prices, Suitable for MSMEs

Entrepreneurs also need to be helped and given a more varied choice of wraps. This is necessary to be more attractive and able to meet national or international standards.

Sharing Tips for Young People To Attack The Export Market

The group of young Indonesians has the opportunity to increase their business to the export market with a combination of precise and appropriate tactics.

KUB Kembang Setaman Encourages Creative Housewives & Income

Kembang Setaman has 15 KUB from various creative business fields, the last is KUB supported by Abdurrab University using antioxidant tea products.

Tips for Starting Land Investment using Small Capital

Here are tips that you can apply, to invest land with small capital.

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The Importance of Beautiful and Attractive Packaging When Selling Online

Keep in mind that having good packaging can help put a good impression on customers.

1 month ago Is Your Business Worth Looking at Investors?

In order for your business plan to become more solid and attractive, then you need to think like an investor. This can help you raise the odds, be more objective,…

Difficulty Knowing Your Business Target Market? Try Following These Steps!

Here are some steps you can do to find out the target market of your business in order to meet the goals.

Tips for Those of You Who Want to Start a Business in Middle Age

If you are included in middle age and want to build a business, here are some tips that you can apply based on 2 marketing experts.

Just Starting a Business, Take a Peek at 5 Keys to Managing Your Capital

If you are just starting a business, then this is a good thing because you can build a norm of managing capital according to the beginning.

Peek at Haus!’ Startup Business Strategy, Reach Aspiring Middle Class Indonesia Segment

Gufron Syarif, CEO & Co-Founder based on Haus! Said that the business in the field of beverages in China as much as Rp400 trillion. What is usually the trend in China,…

1 month ago Know 5 Types of Entrepreneurs, Which One Does Your Company Need?

Please note that there are still 5 personas of entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs reported based on MIT. The details are to be the following.

Tips for Utilizing JHT Funds for Your Business Capital

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Here’s how to use JHT funds into business capital, which is reported based on various origins & summarized by the Business, which you can adjust.

What Is the Impact of An Online Store when Given 1 Star & How to Change It

If there is still a poly one-star review, of course this can choose the audience to continue the purchase or not. Not sporadically, the owners of online stores also…

Want to Open a Grocery Store, Here’s What You Have to Prepare

If you are interested in opening a grocery store, here are some tips that you can follow.

Summary of Data on the Development of Digitalization of MSMEs

Many MSMEs managed to create breakthroughs through digitalization so that they survived through the pandemic, even profits. Check out the data on the development of MSME digitization here.

1 month ago Entrepreneurial Tips for Students, So As Not to Become Unemployed

Entrepreneurship can be a solution to prevent for unemployed students after graduating from school & the business can be as a job choice.

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