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In addition to businesses that sell products in the form of goods, of course you are also no stranger to the service business. Businesses whose product focus is in the form of these services are also not able to be separated according to daily life. So, what belongs to this type of binsis? How are the tips for living it? Check out the full explanation here! What is a Service Business?

A service business is a business that shows products in the form of services. Basically, the service itself has some understanding. According to KBBI, service is an act that gives everything that others expect; service; service.

Another understanding, still based on KBBI, services are activities, conveniences, benefits, and so on that can be sold to others (consumers) who use or enjoy it.

According to Philip Kotler, marketing expert, services are all actions offered by one party to another using intangible principles and do not result in any transfer of ownership. The process of producing services can be related to physical products and cannot be.

Another understanding of services according to Adrian Payne, lecturer in marketing at the University of New South Wales Australia, is an economic activity consisting of intangible elements related to it. This activity can involve a number of interactions using consumers as well as with various property, but there is no transfer of ownership in it. Service Characteristics

Of course, there is something that distinguishes service businesses and other businesses. At most, there are still 4 characteristics of services that you need to know, namely: 1. Intangible (Intangibility)

The first character, as has also been mentioned in his understanding, this service has no existence.

It’s one of the most distinguishing characters of goods & services products. Nir service products have an abstract form and nature. This product cannot be seen, felt, or touched like a physical product. Even so, a service still has value like other physical goods.

For example, you pay for private tutoring services. What is taught is indeed invisible, but permanently has value and you must pay for the service earlier. Variegated (Variability)

Services have heterogeneity & capricious properties. No one is the same service even if it is done by the same person. Services may change according to when, location, & who works or needs the service.

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For example, you show translation services. Of course, what you do will vary according to the client’s request and the results can also be ascertained to be different.3.Inseparable (Inseparability)

Service products usually involve consumers in the production process. So this product is manufactured and exclusively felt at the same time. So it is expected that consumer participation according to the service activity.

An example is when you sell haircut services, of course consumers must be present at the site to get their hair cut. Another example you open a laptop service, of course consumers must be involved in telling any complaints that occur in the laptop so that you know what needs to be repaired. Practically Vanish (Perishability)

Another characteristic of services is that it is easy to disappear or does not last long. The purpose according to this characteristic is that you cannot sell home, store, and return service products to the manufacturer. Types of Service Business

There are many types of this business. Here are some types that you may have often encountered:Properties such as hotels, apartments, boarding houses, rented, etc.Household dwelling businesses such as gardeners, household assistants, etc.Transportation such as car rental, taxis, freight forwarding, transport, goods, etc.Recreation & entertainment such as tourist attractions, entertainment venues, etc.Communication such as internet, telephone, personal computer, etc.Finance such as banking, credit, coverage dues, taxation, etc.Education such as special learning teachers and the like.Health such as hospitals, clinics, fitness center maternity homes, etc.Exclusive treatments such as massages, spas, salons, therapies, etc.Tips for Building a Service Business

Interested in doing business in this field? Here are some business advice services that you can apply: 1. Determine the Type of Business

The first step that must be determined is of course to determine the type of business to be undertaken.

It is best to choose the one that suits your abilities and passions. In addition to making it easier to live it, you can also put the best service for customers.

If you do not have any knowledge in the field, of course it will be difficult for you to help customers get what they want. Determining the Price

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Determining prices in service products is indeed more tricky because there are undoubted production costs. Even so, a permanent mandatory service product is clearly determined so that your business does not suffer losses.

It’s best to do a price comparison with a similar effort. In addition, do not forget to calculate all costs incurred in the process of selling such as the cost of renting a loka, porto workers, porto promotion, and other costs. Use Social Media for Promotions

Social media is one of the best means to promote a product, including a service product.

Most people are now looking for what is needed through the internet, so according to that the existence of public media will be able to make your store easier to find and reach anyone. 4. Provide the Best Service

No matter what type of business you are, good service will always be an error of one business’s appeal. Moreover, service businesses that are indeed focused on services, so of course you cannot underestimate the service to customers.

Not only when customers use your services, but when new customers ask about your product until the customer finishes using the service, you are still obliged to continue to maintain good relations with customers. Request Customer Review

When showing a service product, one that is able to be proof that your service has good quality is according to the customer who has used it. So according to that, according to every service used by customers, do not hesitate to ask for a review of the services that have been provided.

Good reviews will be an error of one selling point according to your service product, while the review is not good to be your lesson material to improve the service in the future. Respond to Customer Complaints Wisely

As mentioned earlier, non-review is always good and sometimes we can find the shortcomings of our products based on it. In addition to unsatisfactory reviews, it is not impossible for you to receive complaints or complaints according to customers.

If this happens, make sure you address customer complaints using responding to them as best as possible & finding a solution along with the complaint earlier. If it is not, there is a possibility that customers will not use your services anymore or even give understanding of acquaintances to do not use your services.

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Surely this kind of thing should not be allowed to happen, right? Examples of Small Capital Services Businesses

Want to go into this business but still upset want what for example? Here are some inspirational service businesses using small capital that may be tried: 1. Titip Services

Jastip or titip service is the error of one service business without the need for capital. You just need to go to the shopping center and then give the products that are there through social media.

This one business is perfect for those of you who like to shop & look for bonuses. Many people want a bonus but don’t have time to go shopping on their own. So you can sell the discounted goods spiked with the cost of titip services. Content Writing Services

Having the ability to write should not be wasted, you can open content writing services that include writing articles.

The more poly companies and online business actors who set up websites or blogs to increase awareness and sales, as a result of this service is also increasingly poly sought after. If you have knowledge about SEO (search engine optimization) will be very helpful in this field. Photography Services

This one business belongs to one of the best-selling service businesses. If you have a passion in the field of photography, do not hesitate to start this business. Some of the most sought-after types are photographers for prewedding, weddings, and also making product photos.

No need to worry about the tools because in essence the equipment can be used easily rented. What you need more is photography skills. 4. Private Tutoring Services

Are you an expert in a field and are happy to teach? You can be a private tutor. There are many choices that can be taught ranging from music, school lessons, to studying. If you have a hobby of cooking, you are also able to open a cooking group.

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