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Automotive Industry Prospects in Indonesia Are Predicted to Improve in 2022

Indonesia is the largest four-wheeled vehicle market that controls 1/3 of the total annual car sales in ASEAN. Indonesia not only has a large population (258 million people), but is also characterized by having a rapidly growing middle class. Together, these two factors build a powerful consumer power.

The Automotive Industry Grew Rapidly in the Second Quarter of 2021 the BPS.

Speaking of changes in several sectors, the automotive industry includes the sector using the best performance. Although it is predicted that in 2022 the pandemic is not over, the performance of the automotive industry continues to rise. This can be seen based on car & motorcycle sales records from the beginning to the end of this year.

The government initially targeted national sales of 700,000 vehicles by 2021. A fairly high number when compared to using total sales during 2020 yesterday. Several stimulus policies were taken, the other mistake was the relaxation of the Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM).

Giias 2021 Exhibition Atmosphere by Gaikindo.

PPnBM policy apparently succeeded in increasing the demand for automotive consumers. According to Gaikindo data (Indonesian Motor Vehicle Industry Association), the number of new car sales from January to October 2021 was recorded at approximately 650,000 units, aka an increase of 68% compared to the same period last year. PPnBM policy triggers higher public interest up to 2 times.

This achievement brings fresh air to the prospects of the automotive industry and its ecosystem in 2022. Armed with the 2021 automotive industry performance report, the optimism of 2022 is very worthy of being fought by all parties, including marketers and advertisers of the automotive industry. Automotive Marketing Tips with the Right Media Choices

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Seeing the development and competition between automotive brands today, the right marketing strategy is needed to dominate the market. Whether you are someone who is a producer, dealer, or online marketer, you definitely want buyers of four-wheeled vehicles to always remember your brand. A good and powerful brand reputation can create while maintaining loyal consumers for your business.

Out-of-home media or more commonly known outdoor advertising media is a choice of media that offers poly advantages and strengthens the effectiveness of your automotive brand marketing tactics.Studies indicate that when increasing the number of outdoor advertising media in marketing planning, your ROI will be higher.

OOH media encourages performance based on a mixture of other advertising media such as TV, print media & digital media. Add trustworthiness and religion to the brand campaign holistically. OOH media can also encourage more poly online consumer engagement than other platforms according to the use of the same budget.

In marketing car brands or increasing sales, you must include outdoor advertising media that is integrated with other media platforms for maximum ad conversion output. You can also use outdoor advertising media to master local branding in the area of approximately the point where your dealer’s workplace is located. As just done by Agung TOYOTA Batam with The Perfect Media. TOYOTA Batam Outdoor Ads with Baliho Media

Agung TOYOTA’s Latest Advertising Billboards in Simpang Sei Harapan Batam

In this project, Agung TOYOTA wants to promote modern family wheeled vehicle products as well as show directions to the nearest sales office location using Baliho in Simpang Sei Harapan Batam. Toyota’s Agung billboard ad design features an eye-catching image of the car and its illustrations using bold slogan writing along with more clear booking contacts and directions to the nearest sales workplace.

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Agung TOYOTA’s Latest Advertising Billboards in Simpang Sei Harapan Batam

The result based on the project is that billboards reach passengers and pedestrians every day who are seen based on 3 directions at red lights or advertising points, thus heightening brand awareness and sales figures of Agung TOYOTA products. The timing of ad servings ahead of the turn of 2022 also helps audiences who are interested in buying a new TOYOTA car in the new year to remember the location of advertiser dealers after preparing their spending budget.

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Where else can you find a better place to reach drivers, passengers and even pedestrians with advertisements for their time outdoors?

Outdoor advertising services such as billboards, billboards, wall branding and LED Displays are media that rely on a dough between strategic locations, eye catching visual quality, and flexibility to create impactful campaigns. It is suitable for automotive marketing where advertising exposure is the primary key to success.

Stunning visual displays prove to be a great driver and are a great motivator for drivers who immediately compare their vehicles to images of your brand’s more attractive cars, emblazoned on billboards in front of them.

The Perfect Media has a plural type of outdoor advertising media that you can choose according to creativity & advertising needs. Our advertising points are spread in strategic locations of major Cities of Indonesia such as Batam, Medan, Palembang, & Jakarta. Not only billboards and billboards, we also serve outdoor advertising for airport and port areas.

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Win automotive brands and increase your sales in 2022 according to now! Contact us immediately to get a special new year’s offer here.

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