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Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb. Welcome to the Article & Material blog. It’s great that this time we can share articles about ART including Understanding Art, Functions & Benefits of Art, and types / types / types of art. Here’s more…

A. Understanding Art art is

a human work formed with a wangsit ideas and will according to himself that has aesthetic value and can arouse the feelings of others. The term art from according to sanskrit is based on the term sani which means worship, offerings and ministry that is closely related to religious ceremonies claimed by art. According to Padmapusphita where art comes according to Dutch genie in Latin is claimed with genius which is an extraordinary ability brought from birth. Whereas based on European Science that art comes according to the word art which means artivisual is a medium that performs exclusive activities.

B. Functions & Benefits of Art

Functions are grouped as two, namely individual functions and social functions, among others, as follows:

The individual function is a function of art that is useful for the exclusive needs of the individual himself. There are two types of art functions for individuals, namely the following:

a. Function of meeting physical needs

In essence, humans are homofaber creatures who have the ability to appreciate the beauty and use of objects. Applied art refers to the gratification of physical needs as a result of which the aspect of comfort becomes a crucial thing.

b. Emotional needs fulfillment function

One has a different nature with other people. A person’s life experience is very hypnotic emotional side or feelings. As a model feeling moody, tired, tired, excited, compassionate, pity, hate, love, etc. Humans can feel all that because in itself contained emotional impulses that are psychiatric situations in every normal person. To meet the emotional needs of man requires encouragement according to his external self which is calming, satisfying his inner needs.

As a model because of its activities and daily activities create experiencing fatigue so that it requires recreation, such as watching movies in theoskop, entertainment, and music. A person who has more aesthetics makaia has more satisfaction. While the artist is someone who can appreciate his experiences and feelings in a work of art that he created. It is also believed by him as a vehicle to satisfy his emotional needs.

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Social function is a function of art that is useful as a meeting of the social needs of an individual. There are several types of functions of art as a social function including the following:

a. Religious/Religious Function

Artwork as a religious or religious message. Examples: calligraphy, Muslim clothing/ Muslimah, & spiritual songs. Art is also not infrequently used for a ceremony of birth, death, marriage etc. for example: gamelan at ngaben ceremony in Bali (gamelan luwang, angklung andgambang)

b. Educational Function

Art becomes an educational medium can be observed in music, for example Ensemble because in it there is cooperation, or Angklung & gamelanpun there is an educational value because the art was still social value, cooperation and discipline. artwork that is often used for learning / education such as: illustrated images of textbooks, filmilmiah / documentary, posters, children’s songs, IPA props, etc.

c. Communication Function

Art can be used as a sense of communication for example, social criticism, ideas, policies & introducing products to the people. can be seen in the show puppets, puppets & theater art or posters, joke dramas & billboards.

d. Recreation/Entertainment Function

Art that serves as a means of releasing saturation or reducing the specific pain of performance for expression or entertainment.

e. Artistic Function

Art that serves as a medium of self-actualization of artists in presenting their character is not for commercial things, for example: kontenporer music, kontenporer dance, and kontenporer fine arts. (performing arts that cannot be enjoyed by listeners / visitors, can only be enjoyed by artists and their communities)

f. Guna Function (applied arts)

Works of art that are formed without taking into account their function, except as a medium of expression (pure artwork) or even in the creation process consider aspects of its usefulness, such as :p anpanapan / household tools that originated from pottery or spray.

g. Health Function (therapy)

Art as a function for health, for example the treatment of people with physic or medical disorders stimulated through music therapy (adapted to the patient’s background). Proven music has been booked can be used to cure people with autism, severe stress disorders in an incident etc. in 1999 Siegel stated that classical music forms alpha waves that can stimulate the limbic system finger neurons of the brain and games based on Gregorian can sharpen the mind.

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C. Types / Kinds of Art

Generically art is distinguished according to its sense of absorption, namely audio art, visual arts, & audio-visual arts.Audio art is art that is absorbed through the sense of hearing. For example: music or sound art, radio drama, poetry on the radio and others.Visual art is art that is absorbed through the sense of sight. Commonly known as fine art.Audio-visual art is an art that is at the same time absorbed by the senses of the ear with the sense of sight. For example: dance art, drama / theater, film & others.

In addition, there is another art that is not emphasized in the type of sense of absorption, namely literary art. Included in the art of literature is art in the form of prose such as romance, novels, short stories, and others. And art in the form of poetry such as poetry, guide, grinding, and poetry in other free forms. Types of art groupings:

1. Fine ArtSeni is

a form of human work that contains aesthetic elements. Its beauty is absorbed using the sense of sight such as: painting, sculpture, sculpture, graphic art, environmental art, installation art, performing art, incident art (happening art) and so on. The feeling of pleasure is caused by the existence of cohesion based on the elements of the shape of the work such as various colors, interludes, various forms of fields, similarity of the shape of the object he painted using his painting, thematic aspects he expressed, its uniqueness, texture, and others. While beauty in its simple sense is something that puts a sense of selfless happiness in the person who sees it. The pleasure it causes arises immediately because of the beauty of the work itself, not because there are other interests that make it feel happy .

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two. Music ArtThe art of music or sound art is

Art is absorbed through the sense of hearing. The series of sounds heard can put a sense of pleasure and satisfaction for those who hear it because of the harmony of the arrangement of the scales of the sounds.

In general, there are 2 types of music, namely vocal music and instrumental music. Vocal music is music that only relies on human sounds, while instrumental music is music obtained based on playing the senses of musical instruments.three. Dance ArtSeni dance is

Art is absorbed through the sense of sight. But its specificity is the beauty enjoyed in body movements, especially the movements of the feet and hands, with regular rhythms, usually following the rhythm of music. The art of dance is also inseparable based on fine art because the movements shown are absorbed using the sense of sight.

4. Drama Arts/TheaterSeni drama/theater is

Role art or play that is generally played on the bridge. This art is enjoyed at once with the sense of sight & the sense of the ear. In other expressions the art of drama is also called the art of theater (bridge). In general, it is a picture of a worldly event or imagination presented backstage. The beauty of the art of drama lies in the accuracy of the storyline played by the players on the bridge.

Saini KM in his book Incident theater (1996), wrote theater art is a global art threshold, which is the threshold to turn to the sensory from everyday experience and turn also to the world of value.

five. Literary ArtThe literature is

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