9 This museum has the most unique architecture in the world, must be visited.

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The unique shape of the building is indeed as a special attraction for residents. Especially if the beauty has been very global, it is obvious that poly foreign tourists who are willing to go all the way to enjoy exclusively its beauty. Especially if the location cannot be found in the country.

Elegant architecture is not only owned by offices, restaurants, residences, and so on. But museums also contribute local wisdom in the region. In addition to being a tourist destination, these museums can be used as a learning vehicle. Well, here are 9 museums that have the most beautiful architecture on the global.

1. Guggenheim Museum, Spain.

The museum is located on the banks of the Nervion River, Bilabo City, Spain. This city is the old port city in the country. Here we can see the latest and contemporary art exhibitions by Spanish artists. It was designed by Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry.

While building this great project, Gehry was inspired by the shape of ships, cliffs, towers, and flying fins. In addition, he also combines the concept between geographical location and history according to the city of Bilabo. His masterpiece is very unique and beautiful to the eye because he displays a round shape, spiral and twisting. Who’s wondering if they want to go there?

2. Heydar Aliyev Center, Azerbaijan.

The building is a museum, exhibition hall, and auditorium that was inaugurated in 2013. It is located in azerbaijan which is a breakaway state of the Soviet Union and was only formed in 1991. Zaha Hadid is the most famous architect behind the beauty of this museum.

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The museum, which is dominated by white using a twisting shape, has meaning and hope for a brighter future for Azerbaijan. In addition, this building has a deep meaning about dreams and new spirit for this country.

three. Museo De La Memoria De Andalucía, Spain.

This museum is commonly claimed with Andalusia’s Museum of Memory which presents the history of the Andalusian region ancient to this time. The color that dominates this building is white using the shape of a building shaped like a book using tapered testicles.

The beauty of the museum was designed by architect Alberto Campo Baeza. It consists of 3 floors and the stairs are spiral and ramps without steps attached to the walls.

4. Maritime Museum Of Denmark, Denmark.

As the name suggests, this museum is stored relics of old ships with all the marine equipment used hundreds of years ago. In addition, there was the development of a Danish logistics ship, the Maersk.

This museum was built in 2013 the BIG architect bureau uses an area of 17,500 square meters. Located on a pier that has not been used for 60 years, the museum’s gallery is placed underground and arranged using the shape of arches that converge at the end.

five. Museu De Arte Do Rio, Brazil.

This museum is commonly claimed by the Rio Art Museum located in Brazil. Here we are able to see two buildings that are out of sync and connected by a corrugated roof. The first building was the Dom João VI (which was once a palace), a police building and another building that was once a bus terminal.

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This mansion like the palace contains art exhibitions, while the police building as a vehicle for art education. Bernardes and Jacobsen were the architects who brought these three fields together.

6. Centre Georges Pompidou, France.

The building was built by architects Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano for 6 years, based on 1971-1977. This location is the entertainment and cultural center in Paris. Therefore, this building has many functions and artistic facilities.

The Centre Georges Pompidou currently has a modern art museum called the Musée National d’Art Moderne, a library, an industrial design centre, while an exhibition space, children’s library & art center, audio-visual research center (IRCAM), and restaurant.

7. Guggenheim Museum, United States.

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, often claimed to be The Guggenheim, is a fine art museum located in New York. It opened in 1959 and was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The building is very sweet with a predominantly white hue and curved shape and tapered at the edges.

The museum presents current and contemporary artworks in the form of paintings and sculptures. Basquiat and Maplethorpe are models based on several artists exhibiting their work in this museum.

8. Museum of Architectural Drawing, Germany.

The museum was once a former brewery as a result of which the interior and exterior are very attractive. Here exhibited various architectural drawings that can be used as a reference in designing buildings. The Tchoban Foundation is the designer based on this museum.

The building is 5-story and has space for museum shops, exhibition galleries, and terraces used for conferences and curatorial workspaces. The interior is made like shelves and drawers as a storage place for architectural drawings.

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9. Heart Herning Museum Of Contemporary Art, Denmark.

The museum, which opened in 2009, was designed by American architect Steven Holl. Built in the city of Herning whose history is a textile city. This is what underlies the architecture of the building. It can be seen according to the height, the roof resembles a sleeve.

The museum exhibits contemporary art in the form of visual arts and music. Inside are exhibition galleries, auditoriums, music rehearsal rooms, restaurants, and media libraries.

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