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How to Make a Marekting Strategy – When at war in order to be able to accept victory we need the right and appropriate tactics using our circumstances. Such as guerrilla warfare strategies to overcome the enemy with a minimal number of troops and weapons.

Guerrilla strategies that use a pattern of silent and sudden attacks are more effective than open attack strategies, if on the condition that troops and weaponry are outnumbered by the enemy. With this strategy of aggression patterns, objectives and weaponry can be used to effectively defeat the enemy.

Almost the same as using war, business also requires tactics so that what is offered can meet the needs of consumers. Various forms of business require different marketing strategies as well. So it takes the right marketing strategy so that marketing is effective.

A good marketing strategy generally begins by considering using both the information contained in the marketing strategy. Of course, this is in order to help choose the goals of the vision, mission and business that we do as well as what steps are needed to be able to achieve this.

Therefore marketing strategies greatly affect how we run a business as a result it needs to be discussed using its good “how-how”.

In addition, marketing tactics are also the sense of long-term planning that describes the business, products & services that we provide, reveal the position and gait of products and services in the market, who are our customers and competitors, identify the marketing strategy to be used and also allow us to build a marketing plan and measure its effectiveness.

Just the fact that marketing strategy is different from marketing planning or marketing plan. Marketing strategy describes generically how the direction and objectives in our business while marketing plan or marketing planning describes specifically what we need to do to achieve these goals (Read more: What Is Marketing Plan?). 1. Writing a Marketing Strategy

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By writing your marketing tactics will help in creating a powerful reputation for the products you offer. In addition, using writing it will help you to target products and services to the people who are most likely to buy them.

Here are some tips on creating marketing tactics with some important components in it so that it can help you create a large marketing investment, permanently focused marketing and measure and increase your sales results of course. Define your business goals

To create a successful marketing tactic you need to choose your overall goals so that you can determine a set of marketing goals to support this. Your business goals can only be such as increasing the popularity of the products and services you offer, selling more products according to exclusive suppliers or increasing the scope of new buyer segments.

Making a goal is the same as you set a goal as a result you can measure yourself what you have done to get the goal earlier. To create a business goal you need to pay attention to the following SMART criteria:Specific (detailed) – Clearly determine what you want to achieveMeasureable – Set concrete steps as a result of which the results can be measurableAchiveable (achievable) – Define things that are in sync with capability capacity & portoRelevant (synchronised) – Determine things that can raise other aspects of your businessTime-bound – Determine what you can accomplish using limits when you need to get them.three. Conduct Market Research

Conducting market research is an important part of the strategy. Because based on this research you are able to get news related to your market such as size, growth, trends & demographics (buyer statistics such as age, gender & family type) socially. So that you can overcome the changes that occur in the market with the right marketing tactics. (Also read: Effective Marketing Research) 4. Know Who Your Potential Customers Are

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Through market research you will know the profile of the customer you are targeting and the needs they are looking for. In addition, according to the profile you can find their buying patterns such as how they buy, where and what they buy.

Of course, you need to update the trends loved by your buyers so as not to miss the opportunity or what you are promoting is not worth using existing trends. Don’t forget to permanently maintain your interactions with old customers when looking for a new target market. Analyzing competitors is one of the important strategies in marketing (bizstartblueprint.com)

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In addition to knowing who your customers are, of course you must know who your competitors are starting from what products they sell, where they receive the supply of goods and their prices & marketing strategies.

By using these facts you can choose the advantages you have that make your business not aligned with your competitors. You can also find out the strengths and weaknesses in managing your business as a result of which your performance can improve better than your competitors. Develop Strategies to Support Marketing

Make a list of your target market and then arrange ways that can attract attention and make them survive. Like providing a model of results according to your product can attract the attention of young children to your product.

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With the appropriate marketing strategy can increase your success for example regularly updating the goods and services you offer through Facebook or Twitter; making advertisements in slang magazines for young children’ targets; and offer bonuses for students. Use “Marketing 7Ps”

Identify how to mix your marketing mix using Marketing 7Ps. By using the perfect marketing combination related to Product (product), Price (price), Place (loka), People (people), Process (Process) & Proof (proof), your marketing strategy will be more successful. Try your new ideas

When choosing the right way, do some research online and then test some inspiration and approach in your customers and team after that record which ideas and approaches work. You need some non-aligned ways to meet customer needs, meet target markets & increase your sales output.

So those are some tips on how to easily make marketing tactics. How? easy? I hope it can be useful to you. Thanks.

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