29 Types of Fine Art and For Example, What Are There?

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The types of fine art that can be found everyday in homes, museums, art galleries, and public spaces are very compound. Well, what are the types of fine art that detikers understand?

Fine art is any form of self-actualization of aesthetic experiences that are carried out consciously by humans through the media of dots, lines, shapes, hues, textures, & spaces.

The types of fine art works are divided into a number of categories, for example quoted from the book ‘Basic Knowledge of Fine Arts’ by Sofyan Salam, Sukarman B., Hasnawati, and Muh. Muhaemin.Types of Fine ArtA. Types of Fine Art Works According to Their Form

The type of two-dimensional artwork is also claimed to be a dwimatra work. Dwimatra works are works that can only be enjoyed from one direction, namely the front direction. Because, this work only has dimensions of length and width. Examples of two-dimensional works are paintings, drawings, photographs, weaving, and batik.

2. Three-Dimensional Artwork

This type of three-dimensional artwork is claimed to be also the work of trimatra. Trimatra works are works that have dimensions of length, width, & height. Trimatra works have volume, as a result of which their form can be enjoyed according to many directions. Examples of trimatra works are sculptures, buildings, dolls, and various types of product designs.

three. Four-Dimensional Artwork

This type of four-dimensional artwork is also claimed to be time-based art (current-based artwork). This work includes video art that can be projected onto the wall, performing art that involves artists acting and being filmed into a work of art itself, and new media art (new media) that is interactive.

New interactive media art such as digital art, computer animation, robotics, and others that are intended to explore the potential of modern technology.B. Types of Fine Art Works According to Their Function

Pure Art works are works of fine art that are formed solely using intentions to meet the need to express a sense of latif or aesthetic sense, without the intention to fulfill usefulness or functions of a practical nature. Examples of purely fine art works are paintings, sculptures, tapestri, or other works of art that are intended solely as self-actualization of aesthetic sense.

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two. Applied Art (Applied Art)

This type of applied artwork is a work of art that is made using the main purpose to fulfill a simple function or use. Examples of applied artwork are types of design and craft art works, such as posters, banners, book cover designs, logos, furniture, mounts, and architectural works.C. Types of Fine Art Works According to Manufacturing Techniques

1. Fine Art With Color Stroke/Stroke Technique

Drawing art is generally dominated by linear strokes obtained by pencils, pens, or markers. However, this technical feature is increasingly not absolute, because images can also be dominated by painting such as paintings. Image art or called jua image only consists of several types of synchronous with the specific characters into the following:

– Shape image- Model image- Illustrated image- Projection and perspective images- Decoration drawings- Sketch image- Imaginary images

Technically, painting is dominated by color painting in the medium field. However, this characteristic is also increasingly absolutely unsound, for example, the art of drawing. Painting is traditionally divided based on the field of painting into easel painting that fits supported by easel and mural painting on the surface of the building.

Painting is also commonly categorized based on dyes, such as oil paint, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, tempera, ink, pastel, mixed-media, and encaustic.

Calligraphy art is a beautiful writing art that serves as a reservoir of ideas and serves aesthetically.

2. Fine Art Works with Printing Techniques

This type of fine art printing technique is commonly claimed to be graphic art or printmaking. The process of creating graphic artwork begins using creating imagery that is claimed to be clichéd, and then printing is done. Based on the type of cliché, graphic art is distinguished by high/appear print, deep print, & translucent print.

The art of photography also uses printing techniques. But because of its distinctive character, the art of photography traditionally stands alone and is not grouped into graphic art.

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3. Fine Art Works using Carving Techniques

Types of fine art works with measuring techniques are made using sculpting or carving the parts that will be removed from the material to be the desired shape. 2-dimensional scratch works are called reliefs, ad interim three-dimensional scratch works are called sculptures.

4. Fine Art Works using Anyam, Weaving, & Knitting Techniques

This type of artwork with anyam and weaving techniques is a technique of working using cross-crossing between the materials used. Anyam art in Indonesia is a hereditary activity in tradition.

five. Fine Art With Embroidery Techniques

Embroidered artwork is formed using sewing using ornamental skewers of threads, ribbons, sequins, and other variations of materials.

6. Fine Art Works with Paste Techniques

This type of mosaic artwork is a work of art made using attached material rebates by utilizing the material’s built-in color to create the desired object.

Collage art is a type of fine art that is formed using sticking pieces, fragments, or pieces of material such as paper, glass, tegel, shells, bark, and others made as part of the shape to be depicted.

Montage art is a type of fine art that is formed by attaching paper or patched material containing pictures or photos.

7. Fine Art Works with Techniques for Forming and Constructing

Sculpture is a type of trimatra artwork formed based on the type of material used, such as clay, stone, casts, wood, cement, fiber, and metal.

Ceramic art is a type of fine art that embodicates objects using nonmetallic and inorganic materials in solid form through a high-temperature combustion process.

Architectural art can be viewed as a trimatra artwork in super large size, because under certain circumstances it can accommodate many people. Examples are stadiums, airports, bridges, or houses of worship.

8. Fine Art Works using Stringing & Whistling Techniques

The art of thrashing is the art of creating craft objects by arranging or arranging hollow objects to produce objects in new forms, such as bracelets and others.

Makrame art is a fine art that uses the technique of whistling objects such as ropes. Examples of makrame art are bracelets, key chains, necklaces, interior decorations, and fashion decorations.

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The art of ikebana is the art of arranging flowers according to Japan using paying attention to the composition of flowers, types of flowers, flower sites, branches, and placements.

9. Fine Art Works with Batik Techniques

The type of batik artwork in basically is a type of fine art according to drawing techniques on the fabric using candles and canting to cover the area that you don’t want to be colored. Batik art then also includes batik stamp technique and ikat batik.

10. Fine Art Works using Folding Techniques

The art of folding paper is a branch of fine art that uses folding techniques to become three-dimensional forms such as birds, animals, residences, hats, and others.

11. Fine Art Works using Computer Processing

Personal computer art refers to the use of computers in forming works of fine art. Computer personal art intersects with multimedia art, new media art, and digital art.

12. Fine Art Arranged or Displayed

Installation art includes the efforts of artists to convey ideas by arranging objects and works on the floor, above ground, walls or hung.

b. Happening Fine Arts/Performing Arts

The art of happening or also considered happening alone is an impulsive improvisation of artists in an environment that has been created.D. Types of Fine Art Works According to the Artist’s Inner Attitude

A traditional type of artwork is a work of fine art whose creation has been contrasted. The characteristic of traditional art is to follow the rules and forms that have been contrasted, in the form of functional objects, and do not attach importance to the name of the creator. Examples are toraja shrouds, Javanese shadow puppets, and others.

The latest works of art have no attachment to the norms and forms that contrast. The characteristics of the latest works of art are highlighting the creativity of ideas, new views, techniques, future-oriented, universal, accentuating individuality, so that the name of the creator is important.

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