23 NewEst Online Businesses Potential Of The Younger Generation

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*Update 23 Best Online Businesses 2022 in February 23, 2022

In addition to making it easier to communicate and everything, the internet is now very useful in businesses, especially online businesses. What is an online business?

Online business is a business activity that is carried out using the internet mainly based on promotion & sales. The media can be compounded, there are those who use public media such as facebook, instagram twitter, tiktok and marketplace.

Well, based on a lot of media, we can take advantage of organic traffic & paid traffic such as google ads, facebook ads & others as well.

Online business is now a trend because it can be done by anyone, anywhere, and anytime as long as you have a device connected using the internet.

From small & simple online businesses to online businesses using a turnover of billions of rupiah.

Online business people at this time tend to be higher and become a dominant expression because there is no need to issue grand capital. But the benefits obtained can be abundant because access to spread a product can be done without city, region, and even state limits.

In addition to the profit at the top, by becoming a businessman will have an impact on the progress of the country’s economy. According to expert research, a developed nation is a nation whose population has a profession as an entrepreneur of at least three% based on the total population of its people.

In Indonesia alone, only approximately 1.65% means that it is still very far according to the ideal number needed. Therefore anyone who often surfs in the virtual world make it a business land that can come to profit.

Well, for those of you who currently want to open an online business but are still nervous about the products to be sold and capital.

The growth of Internet users in Indonesia according to year is getting higher and higher, this is also the reason some big companies such as tokopedia, lazada, bukalapak, gojek and other startup companies are competing to dominate the Indonesian niche market.

Okay before entering the 22 most promising online businesses with small capital, let’s read the data on the growth of internet users by year to year.User growth data in 2017 then;Data on internet user growth in 2018;

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Data we take according to katadata.com Source:Katadata.co.id

Then how is the growth of the internet in Indonesia in 2019?

.. According to reliable origins wearesocial.com, internet growth in Indonesia rose from 54.7% (in 2018) to 56% (2019) according to the total population in Indonesia.

.. This means that from 2018 to 2019 indonesia’s internet growth rose 17.3%.

Indonesia is fourth behind India, China and the United States in terms of internet growth.

Then how in 2020, the projection of internet users in Indonesia based on 2017 – 2023 becomes the following: Projection of Internet Users in Indonesia 2017-2023 (Source: Katadata.co.id)

The growth of Internet users is a tremendous magnet for those of you who will pursue online business.

If you want to see the disadvantages and advantages of online business, you can read the business folder article that reviews completely what are the shortcomings and benefits of online business here.

Okay, it’s time to be included in the 22 most potential Online Businesses in 2021. Continue until it is resolved, do not forget to prepare coffee and snacks, because this article will be long…

Let’s look together at the List of The Most Promising Online Businesses in 2021, even some use mini capital, even without capital; Online Business Around Fashion

Currently, the fashion business is included in the category of the best online business in the world. The reason is, the target market that the business is aiming for is relatively appropriate as a major need among the global community.

Usually the most poly fashion business on promoting on Instagram.

Moreover, in Indonesia itself the target market of fashion that can be targeted is very wide. Starting based on hijab, children’s clothes to adults, pants, skirts, robes, and so on.

Of the various types of fashion you can choose one wrong or emphasis in one category that you are interested in. Furthermore, it is able to make a target market whether it focuses on children, adolescents, and adults.

Opening this online business does not need to rent a great site and capital. Because in fact, online business is free that can be marketed through mobile phones through social media accounts that you have.

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Besides being able to be posted through social media, you can also market it through marketplaces in Indonesia. Various marketplaces in Indonesia have been present using their own advantages. Then your next task is to determine the appropriate marketplace using your dreams.

For the delivery process can also use the dropship system, where the supplier will send the goods to your customers. Your job is only to market & ensure the buying and selling process uses smooth and valid.

The fashion business in Indonesia itself has a very great opportunity. Of course, you have to adjust it using the target market of citizens in Indonesia.

You can take the opportunity to sell fashion using Muslim targets. For example, koko clothes, Muslim women’s clothes. The fashion business will be very promising especially during the moment of Ramadan.

If you do not have capital, you can sell online using the dropship system. More clearly, read the best dropship platform articles can be without capital. Affiliate Business and Forex Trading

The next promising list of online businesses is the affiliate business. The business is still relatively common, especially for someone who is just into the global online business.

You can be a forex trader or you can also become a friend of forex affiliates.

.. If you become a trader, you will actively trade forex, but if you are an affiliate, you can become a trader and at the same time be able to become a broker friend and receive profits based on the new members you recommend.

Affiliate business is, promoting a product owned by others, in this case you are promoting the forex broker you recommend. Then when someone buys a product or joins as a partner through you, then you will receive a fee based on the sale of the product.

Usually, this affiliate business is found on many websites that have quite large visitors every day. As for how to run an affiliate online business is the following:Make sure you have a website with enough visitors every day.Register with the affiliate event organizerIf approved, the organizer will send a product code to be installed on your websiteIf there are website visitors who carry a product through the code listed on your website, then you will receive a fee based on the purchase of the product earlier.

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For the products used for this affiliate business is the sale of ebooks, training, seminars, and so on.

Are you interested? You can read the article of the best forex broker Indonesia.

You can also learn about forex trading, poly once that has been successful in this online business. However, you must learn the science.

I recommend you to start opening an account on a legal & trusted site.

It has been two years, I directly use 3 trusted brokers. All three put satisfactory forex trading facilities from me.  If you are interested in trying the money market, you can read our article here. Online Business Becomes a Youtuber

Youtubers are currently becoming a profession and also a promising business. The reason is, from new creative ideas that dare to be displayed can generate income that “wah” every month.

I don’t want to discuss technicalities at length in point 3, If you are interested in learning as a YouTuber, there are many ways.

For example, by participating in paid coaching & seminars, or you are able to learn self-taught on the internet, for example on blogs or youtube channels that discuss becoming a YouTuber.

To start this business does not need to spend capital, what is needed is creativity to be able to display very interesting video content.

Youtubers will certainly get income based on adsense ads that brands put on their videos. If the video traffic was a lot, then most likely to receive income will be quite poly.

Especially if the video you make is really targeted and in sync with the segmentation of the market you are aiming for.

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