20 Profitable Small Capital Online Business Ideas in 2022

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Are you looking for online business inspiration using small capital? If yes, then you must know what are the profitable online business opportunities this time.

No matter who you are, what your educational background is, how old you are, the internet has provided opportunities and equilibrium for everyone in business.

In short, online business opportunities during the pandemic and the coming years will be more wide open for anyone who wants to have their own business.

Well before discussing the business idea, you must first understand what an online business is. What is an Online Business?

In simple terms, the definition of an online business is a business that is run online through a computer or mobile device that is connected using the internet.

So, everyone who wants to run an online business must have a computer / mobile device & internet connection.

Who can run an internet business?

Basically, the internet business can be done by anyone, no matter what your current background and profession is. Even those who are still gaptek (stuttering technology) can learn business online and be able to succeed if seriously running it.

Maybe you are curious, is there an online business that can be profitable for the long term? The answer is ADA, a lot of it.

Then, what are the new views of profitable online businesses? Come on, check out the full discussion. Profitable Small Capital Online Business Ideas

Especially for those of you who want to have your own business, the following is a summary of the list of online business ideas that can be run with mini capital and profitable. Dropship Business

Dropship business is an online product sales system where the business person markets other people’s products, without having to buy them first, there is no need to stock up on goods, and the capital is very small.

In my opinion, this one business is the error of one of the most profitable types of online business today. The reason is, selling other people’s products does not need large capital or even almost no capital.

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How does a dropship business work?

It’s actually relatively simple. First, you must register to work with a supplier.

Then, market their products without having to buy them. Marketing can be done through direct websites, marketplaces, and social media.

In the transaction process, the buyer makes a transfer to the seller’s account. The seller will then pay for the purchase of the goods to the supplier, then the supplier will package and send the goods to the buyer.

Currently there are poly platform dropship that provide cooperation, including:Essenzo.co.idDropshipaja.comDusdusan.comBandros.co.idResellerdropship.comTokodistributor.comSahabatDropshiper.comMitrabakul.comTanahabangmarket.co.id

Each of the above platforms has a variety of products so that prospective business people can choose in sync with their interests. Business TypesReoverDropship ShortagesInitial capital is very minimalNo need for storage warehousesCan take advantage of established markets using existing customer baseYou can be blamed for the sender’s fault or damage to the goodsThe market is very competitiveYou have to sell a lot to make a big incomeIn poly things, it is difficult or even unable to build your own brand.two. Online Reseller Business

Reseller business is a system of selling products online where business people buy products according to suppliers and resell them to the end consumer.

So, business people must have capital to buy products based on suppliers, and must have warehouses to store stock of goods.

How does a reseller business work?

The business flow is simple. First, you sign up to work together using a supplier. Then, you have to buy products according to suppliers, and store stock of goods in the warehouse.

Business people then market the product online, either through their own website, marketplace, blog, or general media.

When a consumer buys an item, the consumer pays personally to the seller. The process of packaging and shipping goods is carried out by reseller business actors themselves.

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The surrounding reseller business platform is still the same as the dropship business. The difference is only in the way the business is run.

You can use some of these platforms to run a reseller business:Essenzo.co.id101red.comDropshipaja.comDusdusan.comBandros.co.idResellerdropship.comTokodistributor.comSahabatDropshiper.comMitrabakul.comTanahabangmarket.co.idBusiness TypesReoversReseller’s LackInitial capital tends to be large non-large You can create your own brandCan take advantage of established markets with existing customer baseThere is additional work, namely packaging & shipping goods.The market is very competitive.Requires a warehouse for storage of goods.Have to sell a lot to generate a large income.three. Affiliate Business

Affiliate business is an online product sales system where the business person receives a commission every time a sale occurs from his affiliate link.

Product marketing using this affiliate system usually uses a specific URL or link that points to a specific product or service sold by a merchant.

So, you are not obliged to make or own the product. Just choose someone else’s product that you think will sell well, and then market it.

Products marketed are generally digital, for example; ebooks, videos, and memberships. However, many physical products are marketed using affiliate marketing.

You can use some of the following platforms to run an affiliate business:Ratakan.comIdaff.comBlibli.com/pages/affiliateLazada.co.id/lazada-affiliate-programcaffiliate-program.amazon.comMokeeIndonesia.netShoope.comOrami.co.idClickbank.comBusiness TypesReoversPirants Of MarketingLow risk, does not require initial investmentHands-off business modelYou are required to drive web traffic to affiliate links. However, even though there is a lot of traffic, there is no sales, there is no commission.Often have to spend money on advertising and marketing4. Online Business Selling Article Writing Services

Selling article writing services is one of the most in-demand types of online business in Indonesia at this time.

The reason, because now poly media blog / website appears & need the services of writers to fill the content of the website.

Actually website content can be in the form of text, images, and videos. But according to most website content that I see on average using text or articles.

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If you or people around you have the ability to write articles, then this online business opportunity is what you should run.

There are poly once website owners or business owners who do not have when or do not have good skills in creating article content for their website and business.

If you are serious about building an online business in the field of website article writing services, they are your ideal target market.

How do I find potential clients? You can build your own website to display your portfolio of work.

You are also able to find potential customers based on this freelancer site:Freelancer.co.idProjects.co.idSribulancer.comFastwork.idAds.idBusiness TypesRepersAccuracyJasa writing articlesIt can be done by anyone.The initial cost is very minimal or even almost without capitalCan manage your own work timeThe price of article writing services Indonesian tends to be cheapContent writing can take a lot of time if the topic is not in sync with interests & expertise.Have to write a lot of articles to form a big income five. Online Business Video Making Services

In addition to article content services, video content creation services are also in great demand by poly businesses. The reason, now video content tends to be more in demand by internet users.

Usually video content is used as a marketing tool, either through YouTube or other media. The types of video content that poly is looking for are animated videos, company profile videos, explainer videos, & videos create ads.

Well, if you have expertise in making videos then this online business opportunity you should try.

Then, how to get clients?

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