15 Tips for Starting Your Own Business for Beginners

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Many people dream of being able to be independent through their own business, but the reality is that it is not like asa. Only a few people are able to realize their dreams, because starting a business is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand and reckless capital.

There are many factors that make an effort fail, both according to internal factors of oneself and also external factors. In research conducted on business people based on Entrepreneur Weekly in 2015, the percentage of failed businesses in the first year reached 25%, the second year 36%, the third year 44% and so on.

In this research revealed that a successful business is a business that is able to survive in the first five-10 years. There are several causes that need to be avoided so that there is no failure when starting a business:The product is not in demand by customersLack of business preparationRunning out of business capitalNot having a strong teamLose to compete with homogeneous effortsLack of innovationWrong on pricing

Note and remember some of the things above that are the cause of failure in starting a business. So for those of you who are currently planning to start a business but are still indecisive, please throw away your indecision. Because we have prepared 15 tips for starting your own business for beginners that you can make a guide on running a business. Please refer to the explanation below: Tips for Starting a BusinessDetermine the type of business

examples of small businesses

The first & first step on starting your own business is to choose the type of business first. If you have found what business will be run, then in the future it will be easier to determine various things.

Whether your business is engaged in IT, design, cuisine, sales of goods, services or other businesses. The business that you will start this must not be in sync using the field or science mastered, if indeed it is a plus only. The key is to be willing to learn, work hard and never give up.Do a survey

If you have found what business to run, the second term in starting your own business is to do general market news. This step is done so that when the business is already running has customers who need the products and services you sell.

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In addition to conducting market questionnaires, you must do a questionnaire about the selling price according to competitors. Then do an analysis of whether you will sell using the same price and quality, or even put an easier and more expensive price.

The last is to do location field information. If the business you run offline, you need to know the location that the sale will use. If your business is online, just look for the best domain hosting service provider in Indonesia only.Define Vision & Mission

The third tip in starting your own business is to use choosing a vision & mission. Although the business is still small, there is no harm in determining its vision & mission according to the beginning. These tips are important to do so that you know the advantages and disadvantages when juxtaposed with business competitors.Set up a business plan

How to Create a Business Plan

Starting a business for beginners means that you must prepare a business plan from scratch. With a business plan you are able to plan business goals using clear and also determine which priority scale is more crucial. Although it looks trivial this business plan can help you in the face of failure in the early years of the business.

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By having a clear business plan, you can understand the total needs of business capital. This can be an estimate that you need to spend personal capital or find investors to start your business. A valid business plan will help to bring investors to put capital, especially your business is able to convince investors.Focus on one opportunity

It is not recommended for beginners to form more businesses according to one type. Focus on one business first & maximize the opportunities available until you achieve success. If you want to form another business, make sure your business is completely stable both according to income, capital, human resources and management.Define product and segmentation

Product selection strategy

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In selling products, you must first know the market segmentation for the product first. You can use data from the questionnaire at the beginning about what the buyer needs, how their character, their behavior and so on.

If indeed your product is already on the market, then you have to make it more unique and interesting according to existing products, the goal is not another product you want to look at the consumer.Promotion

The name of the effort must not be dated from the promotion tactic. There are poly methods of promotion can be done online or offline depending on the needs alone. For offline promotion can use spread brochures, put up posters, banners, banners etc. While for online promotion can take advantage of websites, advertisements, social media etc.Financial record keeping

When the business has started to run, financial recording as one of the crucial things that cannot be missed. If it is not possible you can use simple financial records only. The goal is that you all know how big the income and expenses for one month, finally you can find out actually this business is experiencing profits or losses.Do an evaluation

The new business is certainly inseparable from various kinds of feuds. For that you need not infrequently to do an assessment of the performance of the business that has been running. By conducting regular evaluations produce your business more complete to avoid repeated disputes.Skill upgrade

Always allocate funds & time for skill upgrades. Because with the development of business competition is no longer easy, many competitors are starting to enliven the market. For this reason, skill upgrade as the most perfect choice.Keep learning & don’t get satisfied quickly

Do not be easily satisfied when your successful business is at its peak. Because every business must have “ups and downs”. When your business position is at the top then do not be satisfied quickly, use this opportunity to expand the business. Conversely, when the business is below, do not then give up hope, ask for advice based on the seniors who have successfully run their business.Learn with successful people

Everyone is created with their own advantages and disadvantages. For that you have to increase learning from people who successfully start a business from the bottom. That way you can reach into poly lessons according to what they have done.

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Successful people can be as business mentors, as advisors and places to discuss the right business. The more learning business opportunities the more successful the greater.Don’t give up easily

Nothing is certain in entrepreneurship, there are only two choices, namely success or failure. If you want to succeed, then you must be ready for failure. For that do not easily give up in business, especially for beginners.

Because not the entire business plan that you plan at the beginning is able to run in sync with expectations. When experiencing failure do not despair, keep trying & do not give up. Failure is the best teacher in learning to start a business.Scale up the business

Starting a business according to 0 and being able to succeed is a pride in itself. But not only there, you as a business owner must scale up your business to make it bigger.

An easy example is to use opening new branches in other regions or opening opportunities for cooperation using the franchise system. The key to the completion of scaling up is consistency about products & services, lest the quality and service decrease.

Well how is it clear about tips on starting your own business for beginners? if you have immediately practiced the tips above correctly. If there are other tips that have not been included in the list above, you can add through the comments column below.

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