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The definition of culture in essence has various types with their own benefits. For example, culture in social life, economy, education, even those in the field of art. Culture related to ordinary art is considered with cultural arts.

Where the cultural art in question means all art related to using culture in Nusatara (Indonesia) and abroad based on ancient times to this time. All kinds of cultural arts exist to this time. Cultural Arts

Cultural art is everything that is created from the norms contained in the meaning of society ranging from biological styles related to aesthetic elements. This has been passed down through generations from ancient times to the present.

Many types of cultural arts that develop in the citizens use a lot of wraps. However, undoubtedly in this cultural art is sometimes also used for crucial activities related to culture or entertainment only. Cultural art is a term commonly used to describe an aesthetic that exists in the people. This term has become foreign to artists globally. Types of Cultural Arts

Many types of art exist, this time will discuss some art forms that we often encounter around us. This is because art for this time not everyone can enjoy because art performances have been as powerful as before, only a few events are authentic.

Here are some types of cultural arts and for example;Traditional dance

Traditional dance is a dance that exists in the social environment of society. Traditional dances generally adapt to the state of the environment more or less. When the community environment forms traditional dance is generally inspired by all the activities carried out daily by the people.

Dance created can be based on social, spiritual activities, eyes of the day, and environmental conditions. When the working people become farmers, poly will create dances related to using agriculture. For example, such as norm dance, including caping dance, jaipong dance, tor-tor dance, serimpi dance, kecak dance, and others.Latest dance

The latest dance is a dance formed by the current generation, dancers will create poly creations from the basic dances that exist. Even poly dances are combined with western culture.

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When the cluster is scattered, it will be presented with amazing works of art. This art poly we see in some music performances or some videos on online media. For example, a row of Javanese dances with the latest music, making dance creations on the basis of traditional dance, etc.Painting

Painting is one of the works of art whose way of making it using several tools is one of which is paint using supported by other painting senses, namely brushes, knives, palettes, and others that can be used to daub colors. When you want to determine the depth of the hue, it is mandatory to use the type of dye that is in sync with the media used.

Commonly used media are paper, canvas, walls, glass, and others. Where for every media certainly has a treatment that is not in harmony. For example, painting, among others, there are several genres, among others, naturalism, realism, romanticism, and others.Theater

Theater is one of the performing arts that is guided in the text or script that has been selected and then interpreted, worked on, and presented at a performance. Theater can be used as a means to describe a person’s life in an exclusive period of time or only considered to be a show.

The theater has many components to its performances. These components include, scene director, exhibition, property, and arrangement. All components have a very crucial gait. The most visible components during the performance are arrangements that include, tidy up makeup, tidy up clothes, tidy up lights, sound arrangements, and property use.

Examples of theaters that still exist at several sites include, Central Java Cultural Park, Mini Park, and still poly other performance sites.Musical instrument

Akat music is a type of instrument used to create certain musical arts. The art of music has a variety of types starting according to the traditional and the latest. The most recognized type of music in Indonesia is pop music & dangdut.

All music that is formed starts from the sense of music either traditional or current musical instruments. Each region in Indonesia has characteristics typical of certain musical senses. For example, the senses of music in Indonesia include, gamelan uses various types, distilled, lute, angklung, tifa, and others.Poetry

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Poetry is a literary work that reveals the message of hammering word selection using an exclusive pen stroke pattern. A person who makes poetry is usually claimed to be a poet. Poets have the ability to arrange strings of latif terms using majas and a slick choice of terms.

Poetry in Javanese culture is almost the same using gurindam. Indeed, the characteristics are different but the meaning of delivery there is a tendency.

Many poets of the archipelago are very famous. There are many titles that we can read. For example, popular poets Chairil Anwar, Sapardi Djoko Damono, W. S Rendra, Taufiq Ismail, Widji Tukul, Mustofa Bisri, and others.Kris

Keris is a type of traditional weapon found in Indonesia that is popular in Java, Sumatra, and Kalimantan. This weapon belongs to the category of daggers or knives that have many functions for the people from the past until now.

The type of kris is very compound starting based on the small size to the grand size. The characteristic of the kris is that the surface is not straight but turns. Examples of kris found in the archipelago include, keris Mpu Gandring, keris kiyai Condong Campur, and others.BatikBatik Cultural Arts

Batik which is one of the meanings of geomatter ornamental variety is one of the arts made on cloth using exclusive methods. Batik is made to use writing, stamp, printing, etc. In each poly area the type of batik created is in sync with the state of its environment or their respective regions.

Some areas in Central Java produce synchronous batik using their respective characteristics, namely the surakarta city, Pekalongan, and others. For example, batik that we usually encounter include, kraton batik, farmer batik, kawung batik, pringgondani batik, sublime sida batik, batik sido asih, and others.MoviePuppet Cultural Art

Wayang is an indonesian original performing art that developed until now, especially on the island of Java. This show is also famous in sumatra and some areas of the Malay Peninsula using different versions but permanently influenced by Hindu and Javanese culture.

Puppet describes a life that exists globally using all its problems. If we look at some puppet stories, let’s say mahabarata one of the stories that are very well known. A figure who becomes dursila and as good who in essence seizes a government. For example, puppets include, shadow puppets, wayang suket, wayang motekar, and wayang orang.StatueThe Cultural Art of Sculpture

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Sculpture is one type of three-dimensional art that describes a particular shape. A person who makes sculptures is called a sculptor. Sculpture is a work of art that can survive obsolete.

The function of sculpture is very diverse, when the age of animism and dynamism becomes a sesembahan. During the independence era, many statues were formed to commemorate the services of heroes in various cities in Indonesia. conrtoh famous statue, soekarno statue, horse statue in Boyolali, sura and baya statue in Surabaya, and others.Song

Song is one of the art that combines or combines several elements, namely music, lyrics, instruments, and others. This will produce a work that is good to hear and people who hear can taste the message that wants to be conveyed on a song.

Many models of songs that we can see start based on regional songs, national songs, national anthems, pop songs using various types, etc. All types of songs undoubtedly have their own fans.Kriya

Kriya is an art based on handicrafts made by the human being using all the ingredients contained in his environment. The manufacture of crafts emphasizes more on hand skills in processing existing standard materials.

A craft in addition to prioritizing aesthetic functions also pays attention to the useful value in everyday life. Examples of crafts are, chisels, weaving, embroidery, woven, and others.Chisel

Chisel is one type of craft where the way it is made by sculpting objects such as wood, metal, stone, and others. When the manufacturing process will use a synchronous tool so that it can be used in everyday life.

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