Alejandro Xul Solar (Born Alejandro Schulz Solari)

Born 1887, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Died 1963, Tigre, Argentina


1912   After studying architecture in Argentina, he embarks on a trip to London.

1916   Still in Europe, Xul Solar becomes friends with Emilio Pettoruti in Italy.  Pettoruti marvels at Xul Solar’s mastery of watercolor and tempera paints.  Changes his signature to “Xul Solar.”

1920   First exhibition in Milan with sculptor Arturo Martini.  His works follow Expressionism and Fauvism, but encompass a mystical spiritualism as well.  The watercolors in this exhibition possess arabesque, Art Nouveau qualities. 

1924   Returns to Argentina and participates in the Salón Libre at Galería Witcomb.  He becomes friends with members of an intellectual avant-garde group, the publishers of Marín Fierro magazine. 

1929   First solo exhibition in Buenos Aires at Amigos del Arte. 

1953   Creates a series of watercolors for houses on the Delta. 

1958   System of plastic writing, “grafías plasti útiles,” developed.

1962   Major exhibition at the Musée National d’ Art Moderne in Paris. 

1963   After his death, commemorative exhibition of his works held at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. 

1968   Pettoruti publishes Xul Solar’s biography.

1990   Xul Solar’s house is turned into a museum, exhibiting a large portion of his works.