Tato (Guglielmo Sansoni)

Tato was the pseudonym of Guglielmo Sansoni, born in Bologna in 1896, died in Rome in 1974.  Tato emerged after the First World War as a leader of the Emilian Futurist group.  From 1922 until the early Forties he was present in Futurist exhibitions and active as a creator and organizer.  His Casa d’Arte in Bologna also produced designs for interior decoration.  In 1924 he moved to Rome.  He signed the Manifesto of Futurist Aeropainting, 1929 and with Marinetti launched the Manifesto of Futurist Photography, 1930.  In 1934 he cosigned the manifestos on Mural Plastic Art and African Poetry, Music and Architecture, with Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Fillia and Carlo Cocchia.  Tato’s Futurist painting was based initially on a dynamic synthesis between a strong chromatism and lively narration.  During the Thirties he developed a documentary style which he used to illustrate the adventures of flying machines.  He described his Futurist activity in his autobiography.