Gino Severini

Born 1883, Cortonoa, Italy

Died 1966, Meudon, France


1899   Moves to Rome to study at the studio of Giacomo Balla under the guidance of Umberto Boccioni.

1906   Settles in Paris, where he meets Georges Braque, Amedeo Modigliani, and writer Max Jacob.

1910   Meets Pablo Picasso.  Cosigns the Technical Manifesto of Futurist Painting and with Filippo Tommaso Marinetti serves as a link in the exchanges between the Parisian Cubist vanguard and Italian Futurist painters. 

1912   His works are shown at the first exhibition of the Italian Futurists at the Bernheim-Jeune Gallery in Paris.  His style encompasses a combination of early French Cubism and the dynamic movement of Futurism. 

1914   His themes focus on the experiences of war.

1916   His war works are shown at “The Plastic Art of War,” show in Paris.

1921   Publishes his theoretical treaty entitled Du cubism au classicism where he discusses his turn to a more classical style and tradition.  He would work in this classicizing style for the next two decades, before ultimately returning to his pre-1918 Futurist expressionism.