Otto Schatz

Born 1900, Vienna, Austria

Died 1961, Vienna, Austria

Known primarily for his woodcuts, Schatz also painted in watercolor and oil as well as creating building frescos and mosaics. 


1915-18   Studies at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Vienna with teachers Oskar Strnad and Anton von Kenner.

1918   Returns to the school after his military service, but leaves within three months to work in a factory as a draftsman and house painter.  Shortly thereafter, he becomes a freelance artist.

1920s   Creates illustrations for books and social newspapers. 

1925   Becomes a member of the “Bund Österreichischer Künstler.”

1928-1938  Works with the “Hagenbund” group and participates in many of their exhibitions. 

1939   Emigrates to Prague with his Jewish wife.  He continues to paint during the war on a smaller scale. 

1944   He and his wife are interned, but liberated by the Soviet troops. 

1945   Returns to Vienna. 

1946   Joins the Viennese Secession.