Pino Masnata

Born August 4, 1901 in Stradella, died October 23, 1968 in Milan.  Before he was twenty, Pino Masnata became a follower of the Futurist movement, devoting himself both to the theater and free-word poetry.  In 1920 he published the manifesto Visionic Theatre, describing how “cinematographic transformations” would give the protagonist a “creating” role in the “beautiful dynamic chronological disorder of remembrance.”  During the Twenties, his already intense activity as a playwright was expanded to include radio.  In 1931 he wrote the libretto for the radio opera Tum Tum Ninna Nanna (o il cuore di Wanda) and in 1933, together with Marinetti, he published the Futurist Manifesto of Radio.  In his Tavole parolibere (Free-Word Illustrations, 1932) he achieved a totally visual narrative by transforming the text into images laden with very pungent irony.