André Lanskoy

Born 1902, Moscow

Died 1976, Paris, France


1905   Family moves to St. Petersburg.

1918   Lanskoy moves to Kiev and starts painting.

Russian Civil War   Fights in the Tsarist White Army.  Following an injury, he moves to Constantinople.

1921   Moves to Paris, which greatly inspires his painting.

1923   Participates in his first group exhibition of Russian painters at the La Licorne Gallery in Paris. 

1924   Lanskoy’s paintings are discovered by Wilhem Uhde at the Salon d’ Automne.  Uhde would collect Lanskoy’s works for many years.

1925   First solo exhibition which leads to many of his works to be acquired by museums and prominent private collectors.

1937   His paintings become more abstract and he studies the works of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky.

1942   Starts painting only abstract works, focusing particularly on the interaction of form and color. 

1944   Exhibits at the Jeanne Bucher Gallery where he meets Nicolas de Staël.    

1948   Exhibits at the Louis Carré Gallery. 

1951   Shows at the Galerie Jacques Dubourg.

1951   Exhibits at The Tooth and Sons Gallery.

1959   Exhibits at The Loeb Gallery in New York. 

1962   Begins to work on a large project of prints and collages to serve as an accompaniment to Nikolai Gogol’s novel Diary of a Madman.  This project would continue for fourteen years until his death.  

1969   Exhibition at the Neue Galerie in Zürich. 

1989   Posthumous exhibition at the Aras Gallery displaying his collages and prints from his Diary of a Madman series.