Nikolai Kolli

Born 1894, Moscow, Russia

Died 1966


1900s   Studies at the Imperial Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture. 

1918   Gains recognition with the proposal for a monument to celebrate the Red Army’s victory over Tzarist General Krasnov.  The monument encompasses a red wedge cleaving a block of white stone. 

1920s   Studies under Ivan Zholtovsky.  In the late 1920s Kolli becomes a member of the Soviet Organization of Contemporary Architects and Congrès International d’Architecture Moderne Group. 

1920-1941   Teaches at the N.E. Bauman Moscow Higher Technical School.

1928-1932   Lives part-time in Paris to assist Le Corbusier in his plans for the Tsentrosoyuz building in Moscow.

1931-1941   Teaches at the Moscow Institute of Architecture.

1935-1951   Leads the Moscow branch of the Soviet Union of Architects.