Erika Giovanna Klien

Born 1900, Trentino, Italy

Died 1957, New York


1919   Begins studying at the Vienna School of Applied Arts (Wien Kunstgewerbeschule) in Vienna, Austria.  Klien studies under the guidance of Dr. Franz who introduces her to Viennese Kinetism.  Klien develops the style, which focuses on movement and modern vitality throughout her artistic career. 

1925   Participates in the Paris Decorative Arts Exhibition.  Klien graduates from the Vienna School and begins to work as a commercial graphic artist.

1926   Begins teaching at the Elizabeth Duncan School at Klessheim near Salzburg.

1928   Exhibits at the Fourth International Congress of Art Education in Prague.

1929   Moves to the United States; works as an art educator at New York's Stuyvesant High School, Spence School, Dalton School and the Walt  Whitman School.

1938   Becomes a United States citizen.