Born 1912, Hamburg, Germany

Died 1994, Caracas, Venezuela


1927   Abandons her formal education and finishes high school with a private tutor.

1932   Begins studying at the College of Architecture of the Stuttgart Technical School. 

1933-1937   Begins exhibiting some of her paintings in student exhibitions.  At the same time, she works as a draftswoman in various architecture offices.

1938   Completes her degree for engineering with a specialty in architecture. 

1939   Obtains a visa and moves to Venezuela, settling in Caracas.  She begins working in different architecture offices and continues drawing and painting.

1940   Marries German businessman, Ernst Gunz. Sets up a furniture studio in her home and begins designing for architecture offices.

1948   Designs and constructs two houses in Caracas.

1951   Separates from Ernst Gunz.

1952   Obtains Venezuelan citizenship. Meets Gerd Leufert, who will be her partner for the rest of her life.

1953-1954   Moves to Tarmas on the Venezuelan coast. Exhibits at the XV Salón Annual Oficial de Arte Venezolano in Caracas.

1956   Returns to Caracas with Leufert. Starts creating three-dimensional compositions.

1957   Begins creating sculptures under the guidance of Jesús Soto and Alejandro Otero. 

1959   Moves with Leufert to the United States, where she takes part in the Iowa State University artist workshops. 

1960   Studies and works in New York, producing engravings and sculptures.

           Participates in the TAGA (Engraving Workshop) with other artists in Caracas.

1963   Attends courses at Berkeley University (California), focusing on pedagogical systems.  

1966-1967   Studies and works at the Tamarind Lithography Workshop (Los Angeles).

1967-1994   Begins teaching and developing her fine art work in Caracas, which she would continue until her death.