Sonia Delaunay

Born 1885, Ukraine

Died 1979, Paris, France


1903   Begins to study painting and drawing in Karlsruhe, Germany.

1905   Arrives in Paris and enrolls at the Académie de la Palette.  During her studies at the school, she is strongly influenced by the works of Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gaugin.

1910   Marries Robert Delaunay and abandons the Fauve-Expressionist figurative style in favor of abstraction and color.

1912   Becomes involved with design, and collaborates with Blaise Cendrars on La prose du Transsibérien et de la Petite Jehanne de France.  Her prowess for the decorative and applied arts emerges.   

1913   Her works take on a more geometric form characterized by vivid color.

1941   Death of Robert Delaunay.  His death leads her to close association with Jean Arp, Sophie Taeuber-Arp and the “Groupe de Grasse.”  She adds black to her normally colorful palette.

1945   Returns to Paris, exhibits with the Art Concret group, and helps to found the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles.

1950s-her death   Continues painting with use of her earlier themes of color, movement, and rhythm.