Ilya Chashnik

Born 1902, Lyucite, Latvia

Died 1929, Leningrad


1903   His family moves Vitebsk.

1917-1919   Studies art with Yurii Pen.

1919   Begins studying at Vkhutemas in Moscow, but soon returns to the Vitebsk Practical Art Institute where he studies with Marc Chagall.

1919-1920   Becomes a pupil and follower of Kazimir Malevich and the Suprematist style. Is an organizer of Malevich’s Posnovis group (later known as Unovis).

1922   Leaves Vitebsk when Malevich is forced out. Moves with Malevich and a group of his followers to Petrograd.

1923   Researches at the Museum of Painterly Culture and participates in the “Exhibition of Paintings of Petrograd Artist of All Tendencies.”

1924   Assists at the Petrograd Ginkhuk in developing Suprematist architectural models.

1925   Becomes a research associate at the Decorative Institute.

1925-1926   Collaborates with the architect Alexandr Nikolsky.