Serge Charchoune

Born 1889, Buguruslan, Russia

Died 1975, Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, France


1912   Deserts military service, moving to Paris to enroll at the studio of Cubist painter Henri Le Fauconnier.   

August 1914   Following the declaration of war, Charchoune flees to Barcelona.  There he meets the poet Arthur Craven and painters Albert Gleizes and Francis Picabia. 

1916-17   Creates abstract paintings and describes his works as “ornamental” during this time.

October 1917   Following the Bolshevik Revolution, he attempts to return to Russia but ultimately settles in Paris.

1920   Attends the Dada Festival Salle Gaveau and begins participating in various Dada events.  Creates a group called Dada Palata Poetov (The House of Poets)

May 1922   Goes to Berlin trying to obtain a visa for the USSR.  Creates a Russian Dada magazine Perevoz Dada (“The Transporter Dada).  After many contributions to the movement, he ultimately abandons it for what he calls “ornamental cubism.”

1923   Meets and is influenced by many Russian artists who are disappointed by the revolution.  Returns to Paris.  Adopts the Purist style after meeting with Amédée Ozenfant. 

1925  Man Ray creates a portrait of Charchoune.

1954   His works become increasingly abstract.