Carmelo Arden-Quin

Born 1913, Rivera, Uruguay

Died 2010, Savigny-sur-Orge, France


1934   Creates his first painting, “Naturel Morte Cubiste” (“Cubist Still Life”).

            Meets his mentor, Joaquín Torres García, who influences him to experiment with shapes and colors.

Early 1940s   Moves to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1944   Creates Arturo, a literary and artistic journal.

1946   Launches the Madí movement with Martín Blaszko, Rhod Rothfuss, and Gyula Kosice. The movement’s focus includes irregular frames, movable and displacing architecture and poetic propositions.

            Moves to Paris.

1955   Returns to Argentina for a year, thereafter moving back to Paris where he will spend the rest of his life.

1993   Is included in the MoMA exhibition “Latin American Artists of the Twentieth Century.” Many of his works are presently in the MADI Museum of Dallas, Texas.