Yuri Annenkov

Born 1889, Petropavlovsk, Russian Empire

Died 1974, Paris, France


1908   Enters the University of St. Petersburg and attends Savely Seidenberg’s studio classes with Marc Chagall.

1909   Attends Jan Ciaglinski’s studio.

1911-12   Moves to Paris to work in Maurice Denis’ studio.

1913   Works in Switzerland.

1914   Returns to St. Petersburg and contributes to magazines and works for theatres.

1917   Works on Maxim Gorky’s fairy-tale book that is published this year. This is Annenkov’s first work as a book designer. He will design a number of books for Petrograd authors in the following years.

1919   Designs and stages Count Lev Tolstoi’s “First Distiller, or How an Imp Earned a Hunk of Bread.”

1919-1920 His collages are marked with influences of the Dada movement.

1920   Together with other artists, and commissioned by the Bolshevik government, Annekov designs and stages the open-air mystery entitled “Liberated Labour Anthem” in Petrograd. He also contributes to the October Revolution anniversary celebrations later that year.

1922 Yevgeny Zamyatin includes Annenkov in his essay “On Synthetism,” writing of Annekov’s dynamism within his works.

            His book “Portraits” is published, containing eighty portraits of prominent figures in Russian art at the time.

July 1924   Leaves Russia to live in Germany and then Paris. He continues his work as an artist and costume designer.