Josef Albers

Born 1888, Bottrop, Germany

Died 1976, New Haven, Connecticut


1905   Begins teacher training in Langenhorst and Büren, where he will work until 1913.

1913-1915   Attends the "Königliche Kunstschule" in Berlin; takes the art teacher examination.

1916-1919   Attends the School of Arts and Crafts, then the Munich Academy, where he is accepted into Franz von Stuck's drawing class.

1920   Enrolls at the Bauhaus in Weimar.

1923   Is offered a teaching assignment by Walter Gropius.

1925   Is appointed "Jungmeister" (Young Master) at the Bauhaus. In this role, he takes over the glass workshop and leads courses with László Moholy-Nagy. In 1928, Albers takes over the position himself, as well as the furniture workshop when Marcel Breuer leaves.

1933   The Bauhaus closes and Albers moves to the United States.

1933-1936   Becomes a member of the group "Abstraction-Création."

1938   Joins the "American Abstract Artists."

Late 1930s-1949   Joins the new Black Mountain College in North Carolina, where he is head of the art department.

1950   Becomes director of the Department of Design at Yale University.

1963   Publishes "Interaction of Color."

1960s/70s   Increasingly uses graphic techniques, including silkscreen and lithography.

1969   Moves with his wife to Orange, Connecticut (near New Haven).

1972   Publishes "Formulation: Articulation."